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GLOBALink | Chinese manufacturing praised by foreign envoys for benefiting world
The 2023 World Manufacturing Convention kicked off Wednesday in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province, built around the...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-09-21 09:24
2023 World Manufacturing Convention highlights intelligent manufacturing
The 2023 World Manufacturing Convention kicked off Wednesday in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province, built around the...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-09-21 09:24
Industrial river ports flow toward green futures
China has been playing a responsible role in global environmental and climate governance, pledging to peak its carbon dioxide e...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-09-21 09:24
WMC 2023: Projects docking of '100 Overseas Chinese Enterprises' and '100 HK and Macao Enterprises' and the Chaohu Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Summit held in Hefei
On September 20th, under the theme 'Entrepreneurship in China, Innovation for the World,' the 2023 World Manufacturing Conventi... Pub Date:23-09-20 17:27
Global Press Conference on Discovering Changjiang Civilization and the Changjiang Forum held in Hefei
The 'Global Press Conference on Discovering Changjiang Civilization through Culture, Ecology and Transportation and the C... Pub Date:23-09-20 16:40
【Foreign Envoys' Visit to Anhui】 Exploring JAC NIO to experience advanced manufacturing
Recently, the envoys to China visited JAC and NIO in Hefei, Anhui. During this period, they visited the automobile production l... Pub Date:23-09-20 11:34
The 2023 World Manufacturing Convention just opened in Hefei!
On the morning of September 20th, the 2023 World Manufacturing Convention officially opened in Hefei. Pub Date:23-09-20 11:16
Join a drone tour of China's science facility 'CRAFT'
Join a drone tour of the construction site of China's science facility 'CRAFT' which is expected to be finished in 2025.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-09-20 09:09
WMC to exhibit Anhui's manufacturing prowess
East China's Anhui province will greet more than 1,200 dignitaries and top business leaders from more than 60 countries and reg...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-09-20 09:09
Anhui achieves full-process green energy supply for WMC 2023
During the WMC 2023, all venues will be powered by 100% green electricity, marking the first time in Anhui's history that a lar... Pub Date:23-09-19 15:42
【Foreign Envoys' Visit to Anhui】Envoys in China embark on a visit to Anhui
From September 19th to 22nd, 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organizing a visit to Anhui for envoys in China. Pub Date:23-09-19 15:17
Anhui's 13 intangible cultural heritage projects shine at joint exhibition
From September 8th to 11th, 13 representative projects of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) with unique Huizhou charm gathered... Pub Date:23-09-15 15:42
Anhui: Yangtze River-Huai River Diversion first-stage project fully opens for navigation
On September 16th, the trial operation of the Xiaogang and Caizi Lake waterway of the Yangtze River-Huai River Diversion Projec... Pub Date:23-09-18 15:23
Speeding at 600 km per hour! Domestic maglev train to debut at the WMC 2023
With the imminent opening of the 2023 World Manufacturing Convention, China's independently developed high-speed maglev train w... Pub Date:23-09-14 16:25
28 Anhui players selected for the Chinese Asian Games Delegation, led by Wang Chunyu
The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou will be held from September 23 to October 8, and the Chinese Asian Games Sports Delegation was... Pub Date:23-09-13 15:25
Green development pursued along China's major rivers
China has been playing a responsible role in global environmental and climate governance, pledging to peak its carbon dioxide e...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-09-12 09:04
Southeast Asia's first high-speed rail opens with Anhui company's participation
On September 7th, the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, jointly constructed by China and Indonesia, officially commenced oper... Pub Date:23-09-11 15:51
Wuhu, Anhui: 2nd Low-Altitude Economy Development Convention to be held mid-month
As one of the thematic activities of the 2023 World Manufacturing Convention, the 2023 Second Low-Altitude Economy Development ... Pub Date:23-09-08 15:38
Hefei city leads way in metaverse industry
While many first-tier cities in China are currently issuing metaverse-related action plans and support policies, Hefei, capital...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-09-08 09:08
Hefei to open direct flight route to Macao
Today, the reporter learned from Hefei Xinqiao Airport that starting from September 22nd, Hefei will open a regular flight rout... Pub Date:23-09-07 10:56
2023 World Manufacturing Convention to set historical records
In just over 10 days, the 2023 World Manufacturing Convention will kick off in Hefei. On September 5th, the Information Office ... Pub Date:23-09-06 15:58
385 km/h! This high-speed line in Anhui achieves the highest test speed
On September 1st, the Nanchang-Jingdezhen-Huangshan High-speed Railway carried out the highest speed grade acceleration test, a... Pub Date:23-09-05 16:04
Anhui aims to attract foreign investment for car industry
Anhui province in East China, where it has the country's largest industrial base for new energy vehicles, said it would like to...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-09-05 09:08
Hefei a key player in global quantum technology landscape
Hefei city, capital of East China's Anhui province, is a source of 12.1 percent of China's quantum patents, only second to Beij...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-09-05 09:08
Feature: Indian engineer thrives together with China's NEV industry
Yusuf Khambaty would never have anticipated the spectacular growth of an emerging industry here when he first came to China fro...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-09-04 09:12
Post-95s overseas graduate returns to Feixi, Anhui as rural entrepreneur
Aged 26, Pan Yajie has studied abroad for many years. After graduating with a master's degree in 2022, she returned to Feixi Co... Pub Date:23-09-01 15:37
Anhui's participation in the 5th China Grain Trade Conference yields fruitful results
From August 26th to 28th, the 5th China Grain Trade Conference opened at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition ... Pub Date:23-08-31 16:08
German firms double down in Hefei's NEV cluster
German enterprises are doubling down on their investment in China's fast-growing new energy vehicle industry to tap the market ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-08-30 09:12
Hanshan County, Anhui: Strengthening the NEV supporting industry
Hanshan County in Anhui is actively strengthening the new energy vehicle supporting industry, attracting investments and promot... Pub Date:23-08-29 15:33
The 7th Anhui Elderly Care Expo to be held next month
The 7th Summit Forum and Expo on Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Preservation, Elderly Care Development will take place fro... Pub Date:23-08-28 16:17
Anhui: East China's largest ski tourism resort opening soon
The Dabie Mountains (Huoshan) Skiing Tourism Resort project is scheduled to be completed and open to the public by December 2023. Pub Date:23-08-25 15:19
Anhui's new energy vehicle (NEV) industry now counts 21 listed companies
As of now, there are a total of 21 listed companies in Anhui's NEV industry, accounting for 12% of all listed companies. Pub Date:23-08-24 15:48
East China's Hefei to build up NEV industrial cluster
Hefei, the capital of east China's Anhui Province, aims to cultivate an industry cluster of new energy vehicles (NEVs) with ann...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-08-24 09:03
Qianshan, Anhui: Lingzhi mushroom helps villagers prosper
The growth of the Lingzhi cultivation industry has enabled small Lingzhi mushrooms to become a source of prosperity for the vil... Pub Date:23-08-23 15:31
2nd CCF Quantum Computation Conference and China Quantum Computation Industry Summit held in Hefei
The 2nd CCF Quantum Computation Conference and China Quantum Computation Industry Summit, was held in Hefei, China on August 19th. Pub Date:23-08-21 15:43
Hefei BYD's live stream recruitment event draws massive attention!
On the evening of August 15th, after a six-month hiatus, the Hefei Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security once... Pub Date:23-08-18 15:55
Anhui Aid to Tibet: Blooming 'rhododendrons' on the snowy plateau
When the August breeze brushes across the verdant Zhegu Grassland, the eighth batch of Anhui Aid to Tibet work team has been se... Pub Date:23-08-17 16:03
Cities in Anhui strive to seize opportunities and develop the NEV industry
The cities of Ma'anshan and Huaibei fully rely on their industrial advantages to accelerate technological innovation and contin... Pub Date:23-08-16 15:53
Lujiang, Anhui: Mining site restored, covered with greenery again
On August 12, 2023, aerial footage captured the restored abandoned mining area in Fanshan Town, Anhui Province. After the resto... Pub Date:23-08-15 16:06
Anhui's trade through China-Laos Railway reached 170 million yuan in H1, 2023
In the first half of this year, Anhui Province's trade through the China-Laos Railway reached a total value of 170 million yuan... Pub Date:23-08-14 15:48
Pocket parks add convenience to comfort
In 2012, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released a guideline for promoting development of urban parks. One...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-08-14 09:10
The 21st China University Athletics Championships kick off in Anhui
On the evening of August 9th, the 21st China University Athletics Championships grandly opened at Anhui Vocational and Technica... Pub Date:23-08-10 15:27
Leading Industry gains momentum! Anhui produces nearly 10% of NEVs in China
In the first half of this year, the development of the new energy vehicle industry in Anhui has achieved remarkable results. Pub Date:23-08-09 16:26
Anhui: Leveraging funds to support talent development
As of the present time in 2023, the financial investment in talent funds in the province has increased by 25% compared to the p... Pub Date:23-08-07 15:33
The '3-hour industrial circle' reflects the substantial growth of NEV industry in Anhui
In Anhui, through the collaborative development of industrial clusters, a '3-hour industrial circle' that reflects the characte... Pub Date:23-08-04 16:34
Anhui's largest water plant starts operation at 900,000 tons daily capacity
After the renovation, the city’s daily water supply capacity has increased by 300,000 cubic meters, reaching 2.955 million cub... Pub Date:23-08-03 15:28
Anhui's tourism industry sets sail with high-quality development conference
On the morning of July 29, Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government held the provincial conference on hig... Pub Date:23-08-02 16:16
Volkswagen's R&D base in Hefei teams up with Xpeng to develop two mid-sized cars
On July 26, Volkswagen released information announcing that the Volkswagen and Xpeng Motors have reached an agreement on techni... Pub Date:23-08-01 15:54
The YRD NEV Industry-Academia Integration Community established
Recently, the inaugural conference of the Yangtze River Delta New Energy Vehicle Industry-Academia Integration Community was gr... Pub Date:23-08-01 15:38
Brush industry thrives in E China's small town
With a permanent population of over 90,000, and more than 30,000 of whom being engaged in the brush industry, Yuantan town in Q...
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-08-01 08:57
Anhui's GDP reaches 2307.3 billion yuan in H1, up 6.1% year-on-year
On July 30, the reporter learnt from the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Statistics that the province's gross domestic product reach... Pub Date:23-07-31 16:33
Anhui's Xia Qi takes gold at World University Games
The Chinese team, consisting of Xia Qi from Hefei Normal University, won the men’s 25-meter rapid-fire pistol team championshi... Pub Date:23-07-31 15:19
Robot engineering technicians work to develop smarter robots
In recent years, the application of robots has continued to expand, facilitating the digitalization of both production and life.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-31 08:59
Enjoy the beauty of art at Anhui Art Museum
The weather is getting hot and summer has arrived. The Anhui Art Museum has become a new choice for people to cool off in the s... Pub Date:23-07-28 16:04
Wuhu to build Anhui's first batch of 'fourth generation residences'
On July 27, the relevant department in Wuhu City revealed that a land will pilot the construction of fourth generation residenc... Pub Date:23-07-28 15:28
Batch of Ankai high-quality buses delivered to Qianshan City
In June, 55 new buses will be put into use in urban and rural bus lines in Qianshan City, providing strong support for the inte... Pub Date:23-07-27 09:08
Emerging manufacturing powers Anhui's rise
Anhui, a province in East China, saw robust economic recovery in the first half, which business leaders and experts attributed ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-07-28 09:01
East China province aims high in NEV industry
East China's Anhui Province will prioritize the development of the automaking industry and strive to become a leading productio...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-28 09:01
Man in E China's Anhui helps boost sales of ancient Xuan paper online
Born in 1988, Li spent 10 years learning the traditional craft of making Xuan paper and boosting sales of the paper online. Xua...
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-07-28 09:00
Anhui's emerging force competes in the new field of autonomous driving
In recent years, the development speed of intelligent driving technology has been increasing, disrupting traditional car contro... Pub Date:23-07-27 15:50
Anhui boosts trade with 'Belt and Road' countries by almost 30% in H1
From the beginning of this year, Anhui Province's imports and exports with countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the ... Pub Date:23-07-26 15:35
Anhui wetland protection rate reaches 51.8 percent
Wetland is an important natural ecosystem and an important part of natural ecological space. Anhui Forestry Bureau recently rel... Pub Date:23-07-25 16:17
Anhui to fully construct a modern water network system
On July 21st, the 'Anhui Province Modern Water Network Construction Plan' was recently approved by the Anhui provincial governm... Pub Date:23-07-25 15:35
Key quantum computing conference comes to Hefei city
The second CCF Quantum Computation Conference and the China Quantum Computation Industry Summit will be held in Hefei – capita...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-07-25 09:16
Anhui's key resettlement project reaches milestone
The water diversion project from Yangtze River to Huaihe River is the No. 1 water conservancy project in Anhui Province, and it... Pub Date:23-07-24 15:43
How 'living dinosaurs' are bred and protected in China's Anhui
The Yangtze alligator, which has lived on Earth for over 200 million years, is a first-class protected animal endemic to China....
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-24 08:55
Medical staff conduct a free clinic in Guoyang, Anhui
Recently, in Chenda Town Clinic of Guoyang County, Anhui Province, medical staff provided on-site diagnosis and treatment for m... Pub Date:23-07-21 15:42
Anhui reports on urban construction progress in H1 2023
On July 18, Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department of Anhui Province reported on the progress of urban construction of...
Source:Anhui News Pub Date:23-07-21 16:21
China's Anhui reports foreign trade growth in H1
The total import and export of goods in east China's Anhui Province grew 3.4 percent year on year to over 377.55 billion yuan (...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-21 08:54
Anhui's RMB loan growth leads the country for seven consecutive months
Credit investment in the province maintains a good growth trend, and at the end of June this year, the balance of RMB loans in ...
Source:Anhui News Pub Date:23-07-20 15:56
Anhui, Jiangsu jointly manage and construct Shijiu Lake
The Forestry Bureau of Ma'anshan City and the Greening and Landscaping Bureau of Nanjing City jointly signed a cooperation fram...
Source:Anhui Daily Pub Date:23-07-20 15:56
GLOBALink | Enhanced charging infrastructure drives NEVs into rural market in China's Anhui
East China's Anhui Province is actively building itself into an NEV-friendly province, as China's new energy vehicle (NEV) indu...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-20 08:50
Anhui: over 700,000 new business entities established in first half of 2023
In the first half of this year, Anhui Province accelerates the implementation of a series of policies to stabilise growth, empl...
Source:Anhui News Pub Date:23-07-20 08:43
Anhui: culture industry enterprises reach record high
In recent years, the province conscientiously implement the decision of The People's Government of Anhui Province to promote th...
Source:Anhui News Pub Date:23-07-18 15:55
China wins five gold medals in IPhO, Anhui contestant among the top
The 53rd International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) concluded in Tokyo, Japan on July 17th, and all 5 Chinese participants won gold ... Pub Date:23-07-18 15:55
GLOBALink | Charging complex provides new recharging solutions for NEVs in E China
Hefei's first new energy vehicle (NEV) charging complex building has recently begun its trial operation in east China's Anhui P...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-17 09:10
New energy vehicle industry is developing rapidly in Fuyang, Anhui
The rapid development of PKC Automotive Technology reflects the rapid development of automotive and supporting industries in Fu...
Source:Anhui News Pub Date:23-07-14 16:40
Zhengpu Port New District, Anhui: a thriving hub of industrial development
The development level of Zhengpu Port New District has entered the forefront of Anhui Province's development zones. In the firs... Pub Date:23-07-14 16:18
International Youth Interactive Friendship Camp comes to Jinzhai, Anhui
From 9 to 11 July, the 17th Shanghai International Youth Interactive Friendship Camp was successfully held in Jinzhai, Anhui Pr...
Source:Anhui News Pub Date:23-07-13 16:23
Fourteen Anhui athletes to participate in Chengdu World University Games
14 outstanding young athletes from Anhui province are scheduled to participate in the XXXI Summer World University Games, commo... Pub Date:23-07-13 16:06
Anhui Dawan village drifting becomes a summer tourism hotspot
On the afternoon of July 10th, at the dock of the Shili Drifting Project in Dawan Village, Jinzhai County, tourists from both i... Pub Date:23-07-11 16:44
Anhui Funan: small wicker drives big industry
On the afternoon of 11 July, the first day of the canicular days, the heat wave rolled through Funan County, Fuyang City. In Wa...
Source:Anhui News Pub Date:23-07-12 16:28
Anhui: home stays in the Dabie mountains
In 2019, Ye Hongyun opened the Dawan Hongyun Farm Stay with her own house in Dawan village, Jinzhai County, Lu'an City, in the ...
Source:Anhui News Pub Date:23-07-11 16:44
Anhui-Jiangsu cross-provincial integration boosts Chuzhou's development
As the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta enters a new stage of development, Chuzhou C...
Source:Anhui Daily Pub Date:23-07-10 17:09
GLOBALink | Critically endangered Baer's pochards find ideal habitats in E China's Anhui
The Baer's pochard, a critically endangered diving duck, has been frequently spotted and documented across Anhui Province this ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-10 09:26
Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway: Accelerating the development of 'YRD on Rails'
On July 5th, the interview team visited Chuzhou High-speed Railway Station and experienced the convenient transportation brough... Pub Date:23-07-06 15:48
NIO: Drives towards a bright future
After more than eight years of accumulation, NIO has become one of the world's leading high-end intelligent electric vehicle co... Pub Date:23-07-05 15:53
Anhui Province tops 'Excavator Index' for four consecutive months
Recently, CCTV Finance released the Excavator Index, which showed that the construction machinery operating rate in Anhui in Ma... Pub Date:23-07-04 16:29
Innovation seen as key to breaking industrial bottlenecks
Prioritizing innovation will consolidate China's advantages in traditional industries and at the same time speed up breakthroug...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-07-04 09:07
GLOBALink | German couple enjoy life in China's Hefei
A German couple have settled down in east China's Hefei. Find out what they say about life and work here.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-03 09:11
Vlog: Experiencing China's low-altitude tourism in China's Anhui
Get aboard an airplane and experience China's low-altitude tourism in Hefei City.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-03 09:11
GLOBALink | Major water bridge in China's Hefei wins international award
A major water bridge in China's Hefei has won an international award in Washington. It's a key part of a mega water diversion p...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-03 09:11
The first inter-provincial intercity railway in Anhui starts operating
On the morning of June 28th at 8:18 am, Anhui's first inter-provincial intercity railway, the Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway... Pub Date:23-06-29 15:53
Anhui's economy continued to recover in May
In May of this year, Anhui's policies on stabilizing growth, employment, and prices were synergistically implemented, and the e... Pub Date:23-06-28 16:17
Advancing the Construction of New Energy Vehicle Industry Cluster
The automotive industry is a key and pillar industry in Anhui. Currently, new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicle... Pub Date:23-06-27 16:56
Anhui accelerates the construction of competitive NEV industry cluster
On June 21st, Anhui Province held a conference to promote the construction of the NEV industry cluster, taking the NEV industry... Pub Date:23-06-26 16:35
Xiuning, Anhui: E-commerce center boosts sales of local delicacies
This year, after the completion of the e-commerce center in Jiangtian Village, deep mountain delicacies can be shipped to vario... Pub Date:23-06-21 15:57
Anhui's largest general airport obtains certification
Anhui's largest general airport, Feidong Bailong Airport, officially obtained the Airport Operating Permit on June 20 and was d... Pub Date:23-06-21 15:46
GLOBALink | Innovative Zongtea gains popularity among consumers
In recent years, many young people have returned to their hometown to start businesses and develop innovative products such as ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-06-21 09:15
JAC listed in the top 50 global brands of BrandZ again
Recently, Kantar BrandZ and Google released the “2023 Kantar BrandZ China's Top 50 Global Brands” list, and Anhui Jianghuai A... Pub Date:23-06-21 08:50
Anhui mandates 30% minimum charging facilities for parking spaces in new residential areas
On June 19, the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Anhui Provincial Energy Bureau issued a statement re... Pub Date:23-06-20 16:15
Anhui's first local regulation on popular science approved
The “Regulations on the Popularization of Science and Technology in Hefei City” has recently been reviewed and approved by th... Pub Date:23-06-19 17:14
An aerial glimpse of Hefei's new landmarks
​In recent years, with the vigorous construction in Hefei City, a number of fashionable landmarks that manifest the city spiri... Pub Date:23-06-16 16:23
Anhui's first Metaverse industry association established
On June 14th, the inaugural meeting of the Hefei Metaverse Industry Association and the first general meeting of its members we... Pub Date:23-06-16 16:16
A bumper harvest of watermelons in Anhui
Watermelons grown in greenhouses are being harvested in Hefei, east China's Anhui province.
Source:CGTN Pub Date:23-06-19 09:35
'Anhui 616 Car Purchase Festival' launches in Hefei
On the afternoon of June 16th, the inaugural 'Anhui 616 Car Purchase Festival', which last until the 18th, was launched in Hefei. Pub Date:23-06-19 15:16
Anhui Yingshang: A livable and enjoyable leisure destination
Yingshang County in northern Anhui is a must-see for tourists. Its stunning natural landscapes and cultural attractions, includ... Pub Date:23-06-15 09:53
Themed exhibition 'The Anhui People Who Once in the Forbidden City' held at Anhui Celebrities Museum
The Anhui Celebrities Museum recently collaborated with more than ten museums in the province to plan and launch the themed exh... Pub Date:23-06-15 15:42
Zongzi tea gains popularity in Huangshan
Zongzi tea, which refers to black tea wrapped with bamboo or reed leaves, from Qimen county of Huangshan city in Anhui province...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-06-16 09:25
Charity supermarkets in E China's Anhui Province help needy people
Unlike other supermarkets, one in Xuancheng city, east China's Anhui Province 'sells' items donated by people for free for thos...
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-06-15 09:23
Anhui develops monkeypox virus quick detection kit
The Department of Clinical Laboratory of Anhui Public Health Clinical Center (North Campus of The First Affiliated Hospital of ... Pub Date:23-06-14 17:08
Anhui Yingdong: Transitioning from Traditional Chemical Industry to New Materials Industry
Yingdong Chemical Industrial Park, it is a hub for complementary chemical enterprises, with Anhui Haoyuan Chemical Group at the... Pub Date:23-06-14 15:51
Anhui-made open-type Terahertz Security Inspection System debuts
On June 12th, 2023, CETC Brainware Terahertz Information Technology Co.,Ltd. unveiled their TeraSnap B04-M open-type Terahertz(... Pub Date:23-06-14 15:31
Huangshan Shining Brilliantly on the International Stage with Its Openness
​On June 9, the 2023 RCEP Local Governments and Friendship Cities Cooperation (Huangshan) Forum launched in Tunxi District, Hu... Pub Date:23-06-12 15:26
Anhui's imports & exports grow 5.5% in first 5 months this year
According to Hefei Customs, Anhui Province has seen a continuing positive trend in imports and exports so far. The total value ... Pub Date:23-06-12 16:30
Nature, natural produce lend Jiulong Peak appeal
On an early summer day in the enchanting landscape of Jiulong Peak, deep in Anhui province, Du Minghui was taking a group of 20...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-06-13 08:57
Funan, Anhui: A model for the comprehensive utilization of agricultural and animal husbandry waste
Funan County in Anhui Province has become a model for comprehensive utilization of agricultural and livestock waste. Pub Date:23-06-13 15:12
Chinese automaker JAC’s sales, exports surge in May
Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co Ltd (JAC) reported a May Production and Sales Express. Pub Date:23-06-09 09:40
Anhui Jieshou: The 'regeneration' road of recycling used batteries
Tianying Science and Technology Park in Jieshou City, Anhui Province has become the largest green recycling base for regenerate... Pub Date:23-06-09 10:13
Modern machines used for rice seedling cultivation in Lu'an, E China's Anhui
Rice seedling breeding machines are used at an intelligent seedling cultivation center in the Munan agricultural industrial par...
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-06-12 08:59
GLOBALink | Forum held in China's Anhui to enhance cooperation among RCEP members
A forum has been held in China's Huangshan to discuss new opportunities for economic and trade cooperation among RCEP members.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-06-12 08:59
Anhui Linquan: Building a New Pattern of High-Quality Development for 'Zhongyuan Pasture'
Linquan County in China has been making efforts to promote the transformation of animal husbandry from extensive to intensive, ... Pub Date:23-06-12 09:45
Anhui Taihe: Building modern pharmaceutical ecosystem with full industrial chain
In the Taihe Economic Development Zone, there are currently 59 pharmaceutical companies above designated size, forming a comple... Pub Date:23-06-08 16:22
Anhui leaps ahead in high-quality development
Anhui province in China has been making strides in various industries to achieve high-quality development.
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-06-08 09:13
Yangtze River Delta remains magnet for foreign investment
The Yangtze River Delta of China will promote high-level opening up, promote the joint development of the free trade pilot zone...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-06-08 09:09
The 5th High-level Forum on Integrated Development of the YRD held in Hefei
On June 6th, the 5th High-level Forum on Integrated Development of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) of China was held in Hefei, An... Pub Date:23-06-06 15:36
Peach harvest in Dangshan, E China's Anhui
Dangshan county in east Anhui Province recently embraced a bumper harvest of fresh peaches.
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-06-07 08:59
Jiulong Peak: A paradise of nature, knowledge and prosperity
On a delightful early summer day in the enchanting landscapes of Jiulong Peak, nestled in the verdant beauty of east China's An...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-06-07 08:59
“Sea-Rail Intermodal” Expands New Transport Channels
With the approaching sound of train whistles in early summer, the Lu’an Freight Station welcomed an important group of “guest... Pub Date:23-06-05 16:57
Huangshan and Hangzhou jointly issue important plan on ecological environment protection
Hangzhou and Huangshan recently jointly issued the 'Xin'anjiang River Basin Water Ecological Environment Joint Protection Plan'. Pub Date:23-06-05 16:28
Anhui support a boon for rural vitalization
Local governments open more channels to boost agriculture, farmers' incomes.
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-06-06 08:58
China's Anhui holds grain loss reduction competition during summer harvest season
A grain loss reduction competition was held in a wheat field in east China's Anhui Province to save more food during the summer...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-06-06 08:58
Anhui's six cities have fully met the air quality standards
The entire province's fine particulate matter (PM2.5) has reached the national second-level standard for two consecutive years,... Pub Date:23-06-02 15:32
Signing ceremony of Volkswagen (China) Technology Co., Ltd. project held in Hefei
​On the afternoon of May 30th, the project signing ceremony of Volkswagen (China) Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Hefei. Pub Date:23-06-01 16:04
Anhui promotes industrial development and public service through YRD integration
Anhui actively integrates into the development of the Yangtze River Delta integration, proactively and fully integrating into t... Pub Date:23-05-31 15:54
Hefei hosts job fair for college graduates with 200,000 positions available
On May 29th, an on-site job fair for college graduates was held at the Hefei Sports Center in Hefei, with the theme 'Hefei Invi... Pub Date:23-05-30 16:16
Volkswagen signs investment agreement in east China
Volkswagen will build an R&D, innovation, and procurement center for fully connected electric cars in Hefei, the capital of eas...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-05-31 09:18
Insights and suggestions from 'Anhui Merchants' Roundtable Conference
On May 27th, the second 'Anhui Merchants' roundtable conference was held in Hefei. Experts and entrepreneurs from Anhui and tho... Pub Date:23-05-29 15:38
GLOBALink | Investment conference attendees positive about development in China's Anhui
The launch ceremony of a campaign to attract investment was held Sunday in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province. Many ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-05-30 09:14
HELI’s new generation of uncrewed forklifts unveiled
On May 26, the global launch conference of the new generation of Heli Intelligent I Series forklifts was held in Heli Industria... Pub Date:23-05-30 10:05
Invest in Anhui:A Land of Promise
On May 28th, the launching ceremony of the 'Invest in Anhui' series of events will be held. This event will provide a platform ... Pub Date:23-05-27 19:54
'Invest in Anhui' series of events opening soon
On May 28th, the launching ceremony of the 'Invest in Anhui' series of events will be held. This event will provide a platform ... Pub Date:23-05-27 19:54
Anhui Global Investment Partners List officially released in Hefei
The Anhui Global Investment Partners List has been officially released in Hefei, highlighting the province's commitment to attr... Pub Date:23-05-28 19:20
'Invest in Anhui: A Land of Promise' launching ceremony held in Hefei
The 'Invest in Anhui: A Land of Promise' launching ceremony held at the Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center in... Pub Date:23-05-28 19:20
1.5 billion yuan! Anhui's NEV enterprises feel the warmth and speed of financial depts
Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued a budget of 1.54 billion yuan for energy conservation and emission reduction subsidies... Pub Date:23-05-25 16:40
Anhui increases efforts to improve business environment and attract foreign investment
Placing greater emphasis on attracting foreign investment and maintaining the foundation of foreign trade and investment has be... Pub Date:23-05-26 16:10
Southward extension of Susong Road to connect new Hefei-Lujiang channel
The southward extension of Susong Road is an important part of the 'Three Horizontals and Four Verticals' construction project ... Pub Date:23-05-24 16:22
Hefei promotes 200,000 job positions and multiple measures to attract graduates
On the afternoon of May 22, the government of Hefei announced that it would continue to hold the 'Welcome to Hefei, 200,000 pos... Pub Date:23-05-23 16:24
Hefei: CREC4 holds collective wedding for 202 newlywed couples at construction site
On May 20th, the China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4) construction site of Hefei Luogang Central Park was bust... Pub Date:23-05-22 15:15
By art we are connected, in Tunxi we meet the world
On May 20th, representatives from the Tunxi District Government of Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China, and the Government of... Pub Date:23-05-20 21:38
International Museum Day - Explore traditional sports events in Hefei
May 18th is the International Museum Day. On this day, Anhui Province Sports Museum in Baohe District, Hefei, collaborated with... Pub Date:23-05-19 15:56
The first rocket made in Chizhou, Anhui is fully assembled
On May 17th, Anhui Xinghe Power Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. held a ceremony for the rocket final assembly and the commission... Pub Date:23-05-18 16:18
Ankai G9 electric buses export to Jamaica
Recently, another good news from Ankai — Ankai delivered a batch of G9 buses to Jamaica. Pub Date:23-05-17 15:39
Harvest Time for Sanshigang Watermelon in Hefei, Anhui
It is currently the season for Hefei local watermelons to ripen and hit the market. In the Liu-Yi-Pen Original Sanshigang Water... Pub Date:23-05-17 15:59
Anhui: 2023 National Mass Mountaineering and Fitness Conference begins
On May 14th, the 2023 National Mass Mountaineering and Fitness Conference (Jinzhai competition) and the 'Sports Lottery Cup' Na... Pub Date:23-05-16 16:05
Wuhu Port performed outstandingly in the national evaluation
The 2022 national logistics hub assessment results were recently released, and the Wuhu port-type national logistics hub was ra... Pub Date:23-05-15 13:07
29 Anhui Enterprises exhibit at 2023 Chinese Brand Day
At the 2023 Chinese Brand Day event opened on May 10th, 29 Anhui companies gathered at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and C... Pub Date:23-05-15 15:42
Night Travel in Tunxi
​At nightfall, the Old Street in Tunxi District of Huangshan City is illuminated by a dazzling array of lights. The combinatio... Pub Date:23-05-15 15:58
Anhui tops China in YoY growth of good air quality days in Q1
​According to the Department of Ecology and Environment of Anhui Province, the air quality in Anhui has steadily improved duri... Pub Date:23-05-12 16:38
Inheriting tradition through fun sports: Dragon Lantern Dance in Hefei, Anhui
On May 9th, Shengqiao Town Kindergarten of Lujiang County, Hefei City organized a 'Dragon and Lantern Dance' sports activity, a... Pub Date:23-05-10 15:52
Huangshan listed among China's Top 10 scenic cities
The list of “Cities with a Wonderful Life in China” for the 2022-2023 period was recently released in Chengdu City, Sichuan P..., Anhui Daily Pub Date:23-05-10 16:04
Digital technologies power strawberry planting in E China
Changfeng County in Anhui Province is one of the largest strawberry-growing bases in China. Power by digital technologies, the ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-05-11 09:08
Hefei's first NEV charging complex soon to open
the Hefei New Energy Vehicle Charging Facilities Complex (Shi-Su Roads Intersection) project will soon be handed over and put i... Pub Date:23-05-09 16:31
Ankai high-end bus batch delivery to Hefei passenger transport
Recently, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of 60 buses between JAC Group and Hefei Passenger Transport and Feixi Produc... Pub Date:23-05-10 08:52
Craftsman finds significance beyond making paper
Cheng Wei, an inheritor of bark paper-making skills in Jingxian county, Xuancheng city, east China’s Anhui Province, has rejec...
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-05-09 08:59
Culture forum on neolithic relics site kicks off in east China
The second Lingjiatan culture forum kicked off Sunday, featuring a display of the latest archeological findings and discussions...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-05-08 09:02
iFlytek launches SparkDesk to rival ChatGPT
Chinese artificial intelligence pioneer iFlytek unveiled its rival to ChatGPT on Saturday, with a live demonstration of its art...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-05-08 09:02
Town in E China's Anhui develops homestay business
During this May Day holiday, all the rooms at a B&B hotel in Manshuihe town, located deep in Dabieshan Mountain in Huoshan coun...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-05-08 09:02
Dekra to expand in pursuit of sustainable growth
Dekra Group, a German testing, inspection and certification group with more than 48,000 employees globally, will expand its lab...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-05-08 09:02
Hefei, Anhui: Growing dendrobium brings farmers a higher income
In recent years, Anhui Peixin Agricultural Base in Paifang-Huizu-Manzu Township, Feidong County, Anhui Province is committed to... Pub Date:23-05-06 16:33
Hefei Metro ridership soars 211% during May Day holiday
From April 28th to May 3rd, the Hefei Metro safely transported 7.7434 million passengers, with a daily average passenger volume... Pub Date:23-05-05 16:40
Chinese youths strive to become world leaders in sci-tech
Despite working in the research field of magnetic confinement fusion for nine years, Wang Teng, 31, is still amazed by the fact...
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-05-06 09:16
Hefei high-tech zone sets goals to boost quantum computing industry
The Quantum Information Future Industry Summit was held at Zhong'an Chuanggu Technology Park in the Hefei high-tech zone on Apr...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-05-06 09:20
Turning abandoned farmhouses into wealth
During the May Day holiday, a homestay nestling in hills in Lujiang County, east China's Anhui Province, became a popular desti...
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-05-05 09:08
May Day Holiday boosts consumer spending in Anhui
During the holiday, 254 key-monitored retail and catering enterprises in the province achieved a total sales revenue of 1.828 b... Pub Date:23-05-04 16:19
2nd China (Anhui) Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Transformation Fair kicks off
The second China (Anhui) Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Transformation Fair opened at the Binhu International Co... Pub Date:23-04-26 15:08
Foreign political party officials impressed by development in China's Anhui
A delegation of political party officials from various countries has paid a visit to China's Anhui Province and conducted theor...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-04-27 10:32
Hefei's NEV production soars with over 80,000 units made in two months
In the first two months of this year, the total output of NEVs in Hefei reached 81,400, a year-on-year increase of 226%. Pub Date:23-04-03 16:22
This 'Technology Fair' kicks off next week in Hefei!
The Second China (Anhui) Transformation Fair of Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements hosted by Anhui Provincial... Pub Date:23-04-20 15:54
GLOBALink | Abandoned dock transformed into riverside library in China's Anhui
A once abandoned dock in east China's Anhui has been turned into a popular riverside library. Join South African teacher Sarah ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-04-24 08:57
China's Anhui posts foreign trade growth in Q1
East China's Anhui Province saw its foreign trade reach 177.26 billion yuan (about 25.7 billion U.S. dollars) in the first quar...
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-04-23 08:56
Exhibition on Bronze Age Civilization opens in Anhui
On the morning of April 20th, an exhibition named “Drinking the Water of the Same River - Special Exhibition of Bronze Age Civ... Pub Date:23-04-21 16:37
GLOBALink | Norwegian vlogger's cultural journey in Anhui: Xuan paper
Norwegian vlogger Kris has learned about making Xuan paper in his second stop of a Chinese culture learning journey in east Chi...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-04-20 10:14
Hefei applies rope seeding technology, can shorten rice growth period by 10 days
On the morning of April 20th, at the experimental plot of Winall Hi-Tech Seed Co., Ltd located in Nangang Town, Shushan Distric... Pub Date:23-04-21 15:18
Anhui Provincial Port& Shipping Group's ports achieved a good start in Q1
Since the beginning of this year, the port enterprises affiliated with Anhui Provincial Port& Shipping Group have comprehensive... Pub Date:23-04-20 08:55
Domestic surgical robot debuts in Anhui
On the morning of April 18th, in the operating room of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, urologist sur... Pub Date:23-04-19 15:24
Lujiang, Anhui: Flowing Yangtze River replenishes Chaohu Lake
In the river channel of the Water Diversion Project from the Yangtze River to the Huai River in Ketan Town, the Yangtze River w... Pub Date:23-04-18 17:08
High-end “made-in-Anhui” products showcased at Canton Fair
The 133rd session of the China Import and Export Fair south China's Guangdong Province from April 15 to May 5. Anhui has 767 co..., Anhui Daily Pub Date:23-04-17 16:59
New station building takes shape! Anhui to have another large passenger station
Hefei West Station is a major passenger station on the Beijing-Hongkong (Taiwan) high-speed railway, located in the Shushan Dis... Pub Date:23-04-14 15:21
Anhui Transportation Holding Group won International Bridge Great Award
Recently, the International Bridge Conference announced the list of award-winning projects in 2023. Pub Date:23-04-14 11:30
Small town in E China’s Anhui famous for millennium-old craft of making handmade wooden combs
Langqiao, a small town with only 30,000 residents in Jingxian county, east China’s Anhui Province, has gained fame at home and...
Source:People's Daily Pub Date:23-04-14 08:59
High-speed train travel through picturesque rural area in Jixi, Anhui
On April 9th, a train on Hangzhou-Huangshan high-speed railway line traveled through the village houses of Fuling Town in Jixi ... Pub Date:23-04-12 17:10
Seventeen Anhui enterprises shine at CICPE 2023
At the third CICPE held in Haikou, Hainan Province, on April 10th, 17 Anhui enterprises, including NIO, Rong Dian Group, and Ju... Pub Date:23-04-11 15:35
Anhui Conch Group ‘key’ to green transition and development
Recently, the 2023 Carbon Peak Carbon Neutral Green Development Forum was held in Beijing. Pub Date:23-04-11 09:02
Anqing, Anhui: Clouds, mist, and azaleas - as picturesque as a painting
On April 5th, thousands of acres of wild azaleas in the Tianxia Scenic Area in Hetu Town, Yuexi County, Anqing City, Anhui Prov... Pub Date:23-04-06 15:14
Anhui's first quantum tech lab for high school opens
On March 29th, the Quantum Science Exploration Laboratory, jointly established by the No.1 Middle School of Hefei and QuantumCT... Pub Date:23-04-04 16:08
World's largest floating solar farm on mining subsidence area powers up in Anhui, China
On March 28, the first phase of the 650MW photovoltaic project, which is part of a comprehensive base for wind power, solar pow... Pub Date:23-03-31 11:00
GLOBALink | Spring farming goes smart in China's Anhui
Nowis the time for spring plowing. Farmers across China are seizing the opportunity to make a good start for the year, especial...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-03-31 09:52
Chuzhou, Anhui: Former lumberjacks turned forest rangers
Zhao Yuzhu used to be a lumberjack in the forestry station, but now he is a forest ranger. Pub Date:23-03-28 16:15
Exploring beautiful spring in Jixi county, Anhui
On March 20th, the 'Beautiful Anhui · Heading towards Spring' tourism promotion event organized by a hundred media outlets arr... Pub Date:23-03-22 17:24
Anhui provincial intangible cultural heritage, Gufeng oilcloth umbrella
Let's learn about Anhui Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage: Jingxian Oilcloth Umbrella. Pub Date:23-03-17 15:59
Taihu, Anhui: improves ecology and restores wetlands
In recent years, Taihu County has continuously improved the quality of the ecological environment and strived to improve the ha... Pub Date:23-03-16 15:51
Innovative tea-making skills, ways of drinking tea grow popular in east China's Anhui
Huangshan City is the origin of several famous teas and has a long history of drinking tea. Nowadays, innovative tea-making ski...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-03-16 09:11
Anhui's foreign trade exports reach record high in first two months
The total import and export value of goods in Anhui Province reached 109.9 billion CNY in the first two months of 2023. Pub Date:23-03-15 17:03
Scenery of clouds at Shitan Village, E China's Anhui
Scenery of clouds at Shitan Village
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-03-15 09:46
14 motions, 377 suggestions submitted by NPC Anhui delegation and deputies
During the conference, the Anhui delegation and its deputies submitted a total of 14 motions and 377 suggestions to the NPC ses...
Source:Anhui Daily, Pub Date:23-03-13 16:33
In pics: Lei Feng spirit passed down in Anhui
Over the past 60 years, Lei Feng's spirit has nourished the hearts of generations of Chinese people. No matter how the times ch...
Source:Anhui Daily Pub Date:23-03-06 15:53
Chizhou, Anhui: accelerate the construction of 'steel artery'
A few days ago, under the charge of China Railway No.10 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., the second bid project in front of the Jiu... Pub Date:23-03-02 15:40
Three sports champions signed with this university in Anhui!
Deng Linlin, Lai Xiaoxiao, and Gu Xuesong, the three sports champions were honored to be teachers at the College of Physical Ed...
Source:Anhui Daily Pub Date:23-02-23 16:04
Overseas Chinese Media Trip to Anhui ends,shares Anhui stories to the world
The 2023 Overseas Chinese Media Trip to Anhui was launched in Hefei on Feb 19. Pub Date:23-02-23 09:43
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Foreign political party officials impressed by development in China's Anhui
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