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Hefei promotes 200,000 job positions and multiple measures to attract graduates

Pub Date:23-05-23 16:24 Source:cnanhui.org

On the afternoon of May 22, the government of Hefei announced that it would continue to hold the "Welcome to Hefei, 200,000 positions for you to choose" event and invite new graduates from universities to stay and work in Hefei. For graduates from other cities, they can get transportation subsidies with their one-way plane, train, or long-distance bus ticket to Hefei.

This event adopts the method of "online registration and offline face-to-face communication". From now on, 200,000 job vacancies will be provided and will be updated dynamically, and it is planned to hold live communication meetings once a week. For specific job positions, please scan the QR code on WeChat for the Hefei employment information sharing platform.

Hefei employment information sharing platform

College graduates who are graduating this year and those who have returned from studying abroad in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas can access the event page by QR code and fill in the registration information to receive a "Hefei job invitation code." In order to prepare for the live communication activities in an orderly manner, 10,000 "invitation codes" will be launched for the first time towards college graduates who graduated this year, and the number of invitations will gradually increase in later sessions. College graduates in Hefei can also receive "invitation codes" or directly participate in the live communication activities with their student ID cards.

On May 29, the first live communication meeting will be held at the Hefei Sports Center (address: the southwest corner of Qianshan Road and Xiyou Road in Shushan District, Hefei). Later, "invitation codes" will be issued every Monday and live communication meetings will be held every Saturday.

For college graduates who receive "invitation codes" and come to Hefei from other cities to participate in live communication meetings, they can submit their one-way economy class flight ticket, or train ticket (second class seat of high-speed train/bullet train, hard seat/hard sleeper of train), or long-distance coach ticket for verification. Subsidies for transportation fees will be provided to the graduates within 7 working days after the verification is passed.

During the event, college graduates who have "invitation codes" can enjoy free rides on Hefei's subway and buses, and free visits to Hefei's state-owned tourist attractions. Graduates without their own accommodation in Hefei who work for key industrial chain enterprises, specialized new enterprises, or new research and development institutions can receive free rental housing provided by state-owned leasing companies for three years. For those who rent accommodation themselves, corresponding housing rental subsidies will be provided in three years. The post-doctors in the station, doctoral graduates who work in Hefei, and those who stay and start businesses here can discuss their living allowances and related support policies based on their actual situations.

Editor:Zheng Chen

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