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Improving the efficiency of government services through innovative mechanisms

Pub Date:23-11-27 16:12 Source:english.anhuinews.com

The business environment is the source of vitality for market entities. Fuyang City and Wuhu City in Anhui have continuously promoted institutional innovation, comprehensively improved the efficiency of government services, accelerated the construction of an all-round enterprise service system, and constantly activated the market economy.

To address practical issues and difficulties for enterprises, and promote early landing, rapid construction, and early effectiveness of projects, Fuyang City has innovatively implemented the "Saturday Consultation" mechanism to ensure the key project elements are effectively safeguarded. Every Saturday, the main or responsible officials of the municipal and county governments convene and preside over the meeting, with the participation of relevant regulatory authorities involved in the industry of the project and departments responsible for resource assurance.

For major projects with numerous and urgent problems, a "field meeting" is implemented at the project site. For issues raised during conference meetings and field meetings, list-based and closed-loop management is implemented, with task assignment forms developed for each project, clearly defining responsible leaders, units, work measures, and timeframes. This promotes efficient implementation of agreed matters by service support departments and county/city governments, ensuring that one meeting can solve a batch of problems in one category.

At present, seven self-selected items in Wuhu, such as "innovating the way of advance payments of export goods and labor services", have been selected into the list of pilot measures for replication and promotion of reform and innovation at the provincial level. 

Reported by An Yaowu and Ruan Mengyue

Source: Anhui Daily 

Editor:Qin Shuying

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