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Experience the Beauty of Intangible Cultural Heritage at the Anhui Museum of Historical Notables

Pub Date:24-04-22 10:58 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On April 21st, the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Market" event at the Anhui Museum of Historical Notables was extraordinarily lively. Over ten inheritors were present to showcase their intangible cultural heritage skills, leading visitors to immerse themselves in the charm of Anhui's cultural heritage.

Inside the exhibition hall of the Anhui Museum of Historical Notables, the display of celebrity culture combined with interactive experiences of related intangible cultural heritage created a unique spark. The booths showcasing Luzhou dough modeling, Qingjietang ointment production, Wushan iron characters, and Luyang sugar painting were overflowing with popularity. Intangible cultural heritage inheritors engaged in face-to-face interactions with tourists, vividly explaining the stories behind each craft. Local residents and visitors had the opportunity to personally experience intangible cultural heritage, appreciate its charm, and gain a deeper understanding of Anhui's rich cultural heritage, becoming advocates for their hometown's intangible cultural heritage.

"I can see the immense difficulty in transforming a simple piece of paper or sheet of metal into such beautiful and delicate paper-cuttings and ironwork. I have felt the profoundness of intangible cultural heritage," said Ms. Li, a visitor from Shandong Province, who came to explore the exhibition.

The hosting of this intangible cultural heritage market showcased the rich diversity and living inheritance of Anhui's intangible cultural heritage. It brought the citizens closer to intangible cultural heritage, allowing more spectators to become participants, witnesses, and promoters of intangible cultural heritage. Together, they experienced the cultural beauty within traditional craftsmanship and better carried forward the outstanding traditional Chinese culture.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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