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Anhui's first quantum tech lab for high school opens

Pub Date:23-04-04 16:08 Source:cnanhui.org

On March 29th, the Quantum Science Exploration Laboratory, jointly established by the No.1 Middle School of Hefei and QuantumCTek Co., Ltd., was officially launched, and the first class was given. The students directly experienced the "magical" quantum world and the charm of science and technology through the hands-on operation of experimental instruments.

The development of quantum information technology has significant scientific significance and strategic value. At present, with a series of leading achievements such as Quantum Science Experiment Satellite "Micius" or "Mozi," "Beijing-Shanghai quantum communication trunk line," "Quantum Computer Jiuzhang," and "Quantum Computer Zuchongzhi," China has ranked among the world's first-tier in the field of quantum technology. However, there remains room for improvement in talent reserves and science education.

The laboratory established this time is the first quantum science popularization laboratory for high school education in Hefei, which integrates three significant branches of quantum technology: quantum communication, quantum computing, and quantum precision measurement, and adopts a teaching method primarily science popularization and supplemented by experiments. With advanced experimental teaching equipment and a systematic curriculum, it is a perfect facility to meet students' demands for quantum science and technology's theoretical learning and experimental needs.

Tang Hao, the QuantumCTek Teaching Products department manager, mentioned that the company has already served Tsinghua University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Northeastern University, Fuzhou No.1 Middle School and other schools. In the future, the company will also cooperate with more colleges and primary and middle schools to promote the development of industrial technology and talent reserves.

Editor:Zheng Chen

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