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Anhui's largest general airport obtains certification

Pub Date:23-06-21 15:46 Source:cnanhui.org

Anhui's largest general airport, Feidong Bailong Airport, officially obtained the Airport Operating Permit on June 20 and was designated as the "Central Anhui Base" for emergency aviation and emergency rescue. This marks the airport's official certification and operation, which lays a solid foundation for further promoting the development and popularity of the general aviation industry throughout the province.

Feidong Bailong Airport is the largest and most well-equipped A1-class general airport in Anhui Province. It serves as the flagship and benchmark general airport for promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta in Anhui Province. It is also the only comprehensive general airport planned in Anhui Province and is mainly used for short-distance passenger, cargo, and mail transportation, emergency rescue, agricultural and forestry operations, trusteeship sales, sightseeing tours, flight training, aircraft (drone) research and development and test flights.

According to sources, the Feidong Bailong Airport will officially begin operations next month. The initial plan is to open a low-altitude tourism route from Hefei to Huangshan, which will allow travelers to experience general aviation aircraft flights.

"Passengers will be flying on a Cessna 208 aircraft, with a maximum capacity of 6 passengers per flight," said the marketing manager of the Yangtze River Delta (Anhui) Express General Aviation Co., Ltd. The round trip between Hefei and Huangshan takes only two and a half hours, and the introductory one-way ticket price is only 99 yuan. "We are also actively advancing the approval process for low-altitude routes to Chizhou and Anqing. In the future, we will also expand into related businesses such as aerial tourism, aviation sports, and aviation research and education."

According to Zhang Naihong, the General Manager of Feidong Bailong Airport, the airport will serve as the main base for Anhui Province's aviation emergency rescue system and the main carrier for the construction of the regional general aviation service center in Anhui Province. Several general aviation companies have expressed their intention to settle in the airport.

Currently, there are 3 general airports in operation and 6 general airports under construction in the province; The preliminary work of more than 20 general airports is progressing orderly. In the future, a general airport network will be established with Hefei as the center and cities and counties throughout the province as the support points.

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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