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Anhui promotes industrial development and public service through YRD integration

Pub Date:23-05-31 15:54 Source:cnanhui.org

Anhui actively integrates into the development of the Yangtze River Delta integration, proactively and fully integrating into the key areas and key links, implementing and utilizing various policies, promoting the common development of industries and the sharing of public service resources.

Every Wednesday, experts in hematology from Anhui and Shanghai conduct remote consultations at the Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital, providing the best medical solutions for some difficult and complex cases.

Patient family member Shi Jinli said, "Remote consultations are convenient for us, and we can enjoy the same treatment as Shanghai's large hospitals at our doorstep."

The Shanghai expert team also regularly conducts on-site consultations. Xu Qiong, a doctor in the Child Health Department of the Children's Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, comes to Anhui once a month to mainly provide outpatient services for children with developmental disorders.

Xu Qiong, Chief Physician of the Child Health Department of the Children's Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, said, "Through the strategy of Yangtze River Delta integration, we can provide high-quality medical services to these patients in Anhui, and hope to promote teamwork to a certain extent."

By transferring brands, technology, and management standards, Hefei actively introduces high-quality public service resources from the Yangtze River Delta. In the medical field alone, it has jointly built three national regional medical centers for children, trauma, and traditional Chinese medicine with Shanghai. Currently, the national children's regional medical center jointly built with the Children's Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University has entered the trial operation stage.

Chen Chao, dean of the Anhui Hospital of Fudan University Children's Hospital (Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital), said, "Our Yangtze River Delta integration national (children's) regional medical center has 1,000 beds, and the department is set up to be comparable to Fudan University Children's Hospital. In this way, the medical environment for children in Anhui Province has greatly improved."

In order to promote common prosperity and development, Anhui always places industrial integration in a prominent position, and does a good job in deepening the integration of the industrial chain. In the Bengbu Economic Development Zone, SINOMAGS from Ningbo is currently producing at full capacity. As the largest domestic manufacturer of current sensors, with the continuous deepening of the Yangtze River Delta integration strategy, the company has moved its headquarters from Ningbo to Bengbu.

Lei Xiaoyu, deputy general manager of Bengbu SINOMAGS said, "We have been able to develop rapidly with the help of this opportunity. From site selection to project approval, from policy subsidies to later support services, we have received strong support."

Currently, Bengbu City is relying on the China Sensor Valley to build the Ningbo-Bengbu Microelectronics Industrial Park, focusing on building the entire industrial chain of smart sensors and attracting more companies to settle in.

Gu Dagong, manager of the technical department of Ningbo NATA Opto-electronic Material said, "Through the cooperation between Ningbo and Bengbu, we are further improving our company's industrial layout in Anhui. Anhui's current business environment is very good, and we are full of confidence in future development."

Yin Xianli, director of the Economic Development Bureau of the Ningbo-Bengbu Industrial Cooperation Park, said, "We will fully promote and serve the projects introduced, solve the problems encountered in project construction, and improve the carrying capacity of the park."

Adhering to the two key words of integration and high quality, various regions of Anhui are sticking to Shanghai's lead, joining hands with the leaders of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and promoting various integration work.

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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