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Anhui launches new energy vehicle consumption season

Pub Date:24-02-01 10:48 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On January 30th, the New Energy Vehicle Consumption Season (Fengtai event) was officially launched in Fengtai County, Anhui Province. Over 20 new energy vehicle brands and more than 100 vehicles were showcased.

As a pillar industry of the national economy, the automotive industry has always been a key focus for local governments due to its significant economic contribution and strong pull on the upstream and downstream industrial chains. In recent years, new energy vehicle consumption has risen rapidly within the automotive consumption sector, with its proportion of total vehicle consumption continuously increasing.

To further stimulate potential consumer demand and boost the consumption of new energy vehicles, the first event of the 2024 Anhui Province New Energy Vehicle Consumption Season kicked off in Fengtai, meeting the multi-level consumption needs of urban and rural residents.

New energy vehicles represent green transportation and are the future direction of the automotive industry's development. Huainan City has consistently prioritized the advancement of the new energy vehicle industry. Focusing on the integrated development of complete vehicles, components, and aftermarket services for new energy vehicles, the city strives to integrate, extend, supplement, and strengthen the industry chain, achieving significant breakthroughs in both new energy complete vehicles and specialized vehicles.

To continuously improve the environment for using new energy vehicles, Huainan City has accelerated the construction of charging and battery-swapping infrastructure, with 4,463 new charging stations added in 2023. Fengtai County has also initiated a construction project for new energy vehicle charging stations, with the first phase planning to cover 16 township sites to meet the charging needs of new energy vehicles in rural areas.

In recent years, Fengtai County has also introduced several automotive aftermarket enterprises to address the post-purchase concerns of residents, optimizing the purchasing and usage environment for new energy vehicles. This initiative guides residents in rural areas towards green transportation and supports the increasing presence of new energy vehicles in rural regions.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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