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Anhui increases efforts to improve business environment and attract foreign investment

Pub Date:2023-05-26 16:10 Source:cnanhui.org

Placing greater emphasis on attracting foreign investment and maintaining the foundation of foreign trade and investment has been a key focus in Anhui. This year, Anhui provincial government has continued to launch the "Anhui Goes Global" campaign to attract foreign investment and invite more foreign companies to settle in Anhui. From January to April, Anhui's actual use of foreign investment reached $710 million, an increase of 39.8%, which was higher than the national average growth rate.

From May 5th to 12th, a small investment promotion team from Anqing City went to the United Arab Emirates and Italy to engage in investment promotion, participate in exhibitions, and other exchange activities. During its visit to the UAE, the team focused on investment promotion in the international logistics field for the Qianshan Public-Type Bonded Warehouse and signed a framework cooperation agreement with Dubai Cititrans Express International Logistics Group. 

Adhering to the principle of "government guidance, enterprise-led, market-oriented", this year, Anhui province has used both centralized and decentralized, group and individual methods to expand foreign trade, seize orders, and attract foreign investment. At the same time, we have issued a 2023 special incentive fund policy for foreign investment, to continuously enhance the confidence of foreign investors in investing and developing in Anhui. At present, more than 130 countries and regions have invested in Anhui, and more than 4,600 foreign-funded enterprises have settled in Anhui. There are 89 Fortune 500 companies that have invested in Anhui, with a total of 180 investment projects.

During the China International Consumer Products Expo 2023, the Anhui delegation held the "Year of Investing in Anhui" promotion event in Haikou, Hainan Province, inviting domestic and foreign business associations, multinational companies, representatives of central enterprises stationed in Hainan Province, and Anhui business representatives to build platforms and channels to attract more foreign investment projects to settle in Anhui. This year, during key exhibitions such as the Consumer Products Expo, International Import Expo, International Fair for Investment and Trade, and World Manufacturing Conference, the provincial government has held "Invest in Anhui" promotion events. At the same time, they have increased the promotion efforts of industrial park investment, with each national-level economic development zone holding more than one foreign investment promotion activity and each international cooperation industrial park holding one multinational company docking activity every quarter, striving to achieve a growth rate of over 15% in actual use of foreign investment and 12% in imports and exports in national-level economic development zones.

Reported by Peng Yuanyuan

Edited and translted by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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