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'Furry Kids' in Wuhu, Anhui welcome a new playground

Pub Date:23-10-24 15:59 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Recently, our reporter visited the pet park located in the main urban area of Nanling County. Many residents were leisurely strolling and playing with their 'furry kids' there, while sanitation workers were busy maintaining the park's cleanliness. It is reported that this pet park is the first of its kind in Wuhu, Anhui.

In recent years, the number of dog owners in the city has been increasing, and coupled with the relatively concentrated population in the main urban area, uncivilized dog keeping behaviors occasionally occurs, causing some anxiety and confusion among residents.

Resident enjoying playtime with her furry companion in the park. Photo by Zhao Bohao

"To meet the needs of dog owners for dog walking, and to enhance the level of dog management services, we have utilized the existing conditions of Nanling Square without disturbing the flowers and plants, and completed the construction of this pet park exclusively designed for dog owners within 20 days." said Cao Danfeng, a staff member of the Nanling County Urban Management Bureau. The pet park covers an area of approximately 750 square meters and is divided into various areas. There are more than 20 sets of pet waste collection bins on both sides of the park, providing convenience for the collection of pet waste.

"They are having a great time." Many residents have expressed that their 'furry kids' have found playmates in the park, and unlike outside, they don't have to worry about scaring or bumping into other people's children.

A corner of the pet park. Photo by Zhao Bohao

"Dogs must be leashed before entering the park, and dangerous dogs are not allowed in." Shao Shuwen, who is responsible for patrolling the park, explained, "If we find residents walking their dogs nearby, we will suggest them to come into the park for safety reasons.

The park is also a platform for promoting civilized dog keeping. Photo by Zhao Bohao

"Building a dedicated pet park allows us to appreciate the importance of civilized dog keeping." As Mr. Yang, a resident, said, besides providing fun for pets, the park is also a place for promotion. The signs outside the park regarding civilized dog keeping continuously remind residents of its importance.

"It's also a great platform for communication." Ms. Wu, another resident, said, "The pet park facilitates interaction among dog owners and exposes everyone to more knowledge about dog keeping."

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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