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Anhui: home stays in the Dabie mountains

Pub Date:23-07-11 16:44 Source:Anhui News

In 2019, Ye Hongyun opened the Dawan HongyunFarmStaywith herown houseinDawan village, Jinzhai County,Lu'an City,in the Dabie Mountains.

Since she was a child, Ye Hongyun has followed her family to learn how to cookdishes like braised pork, tile-shapedfish, yam dumplings, and littleriver fish...... of which littleriver fish is her speciality.

"She cooks well and works as a chef in the school canteen." Ye Hongyun's husband, Wang Dajian, is a teacher at the village primary school. After PresidentXi Jinping's visit to Dawan Village, the couple thought about opening a farmstayas they watched the number of tourists in the village grow.

Ye Hongyun participated in the "New Hui Cuisine - Famous Hui Chef" skills training, and obtained theProfessional Skill Level Certificate for Chinese Cookery

After chef training, Ye Hongyun's cooking skills have improved, the dishestaste betterand there are more regular customers.

"The colours, fragranceand flavours of the stir-fry are much more betterthan those learned from the elderly." She describes, "For example, when I used to make roast chicken in pot, I blanched the chickentoo long and the chicken would be chewy. Now that I know to takeout the chicken as soon asthe water boils, the meat will be much more tender."

Master Ye is preparing to cook Jinzhai little riverfish

The Jinzhai's speciality, littleriver fish is ready

Now Hong Yun Farm Staycan have 50,000 yuan profit a year. Ye Hongyun also servesas acanteen chefof the village primary school, a month's salary of 1,200 yuan. During the May Day holiday this year, the farm stay was overcrowded at meal times. "During the Spring Festival, my cousin also praised her cooking skills, saying that they have improved a lot." Wang Dajian said. The couple's life is also more and more prosperous.

Source: Anhui News

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen and Wang Xirui

Editor:Wang Xirui

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