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'Fitness Qigong • Five Animal Exercise' exhibition held at Anhui Museum of Historical Notables

Pub Date:23-10-23 15:41 Source:english.anhuinews.com

As the Double Ninth Festival comes, on the morning of October 22nd, the 3rd "Fitness Qigong • Five Animal Exercise"(imitating the movements of tiger, deer, bear, ape, and bird) grand exhibition event was held at the East Gate Square of Anhui Museum of Historical Notables. The event aimed to promote traditional Chinese sports and create a traditional festival atmosphere.

The participants, totaling over 400 people, included the Five Animal Exercise special volunteer service team from Anhui Museum of Historical Notables and fitness Qigong enthusiasts from various professions. They were dressed uniformly, demonstrating graceful and fluid movements, showcasing the unique charm of fitness Qigong and creating a harmonious and spectacular scene of nationwide fitness.

It is reported that this year, Anhui Museum of Historical Notables has specially organized the Five Animal Exercise special volunteer service team and conducts weekly training and guidance. "The lecture hall is spacious and quiet. The courses are designed specifically for Five Animal Exercise enthusiasts. I have participated in the practice ten times continuously, and it is effortless." "The Anhui Museum of Historical Notables provides the venue and professional teachers. The teachers are very dedicated, and we learn with joy."

As a precious treasure of traditional Chinese culture, the Five Animal Exercise is not exclusive to the elderly. The responsible person from Anhui Museum of Historical Notables mentioned that in the future, they will further carry out activities to bring the Five Animal Exercise into communities and schools, strengthen the promotion and popularization of fitness Qigong, and promote nationwide fitness activities.

Source: Anhui Business Daily

Editor:Zheng Chen

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