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Anqing, Anhui: Accelerating the Construction of a High-Quality Tourism Powerhouse

Pub Date:24-04-24 18:21 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Anqing City is a famous historical and cultural city, a demonstration area of the national public cultural service system and an outstanding tourist city in China. In recent years, Anqing City has actively explored the integration of culture and tourism, deepening the exploration of cultural and tourism integration, striving to build a strong cultural city through the integration of culture and tourism.

Recently, reporters visited the Five Thousand Fair Park. The scenic area was bustling with visitors, full of excitement. Most tourists were from nearby or local areas, gathering in groups of three or five, either stopping to watch or taking photos as souvenirs, enjoying their holidays with great interest and pleasure.






According to the introduction, the Five Thousand Fair Park covers an area of 1200 mu and consists of two scenic areas, "A dream Millennium scenic spot" and "Ten mile Gallery." It has been recognized as a national cultural industry demonstration base, a state 4A class tourist attraction, a national copyright demonstration unit and a key enterprise for national cultural exports. 

"In recent years, Taihu County has deeply implemented the 'Culture and Tourism Enriching the People' strategy, fully integrating into the construction of the Great Huangshan world-class leisure, vacation, and health tourism destination. With cultural tourism, arts and crafts, performance entertainment, and other cultural industries as the focus of development, it has formed a leading cultural industry project with the Five Thousand Fair Park at the forefront, along with local specialty cultural industry projects such as root carving and iron paintings. The county views the development of the cultural industry as a powerful force to enhance the quality and efficiency of the regional economy and to drive rural revitalization," Hu Luofeng, the director of Taihu County's Culture, Tourism, and Sports Bureau, told reporters.

Anqing boasts unique natural resources and serves as an important ecological barrier in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. In recent years, seizing the opportunity to build the "Greater Huangshan" into a world-class leisure and vacation destination, the city has taken Tianzhu Mountain as its leading attraction, focusing on more than 20 4A-level scenic spots such as the Five Thousand Fair Park and Mingtang Mountain. Centered around five major tourism themes - landscapes, operas, culture, health, and rural areas - Anqing connects scattered tourist attractions into a network, developing premium sightseeing, leisure, educational, and health tourism routes and products. This approach ensures that tourists are willing to stay, have a great time, enjoy their visit, and are eager to return.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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