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Anhui reports on urban construction progress in H1 2023

Pub Date:2023-07-21 16:21 Source:Anhui News

As of the end of June, the province completed the construction of 343,800 parking spaces. At the same time, 170 new "pocket parks" had been added, and domestic sewage treatment capacity had been increased by 240,000 tonnes per day. On July 18, Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department of Anhui Province reported on the progress of urban construction of the province in the second quarter of the year, in which Hefei performed well in various aspects.

Water environment management is related to people's well-being. After verification and assessment, as of the end of June, the province's counties have a total of 165 black smelly water bodies, of which 118 have initially achieved the effect of remediation, accounting for 72 percent.

This year's plan is to add 400,000 tonnes/day of urban sewage treatment capacity. By the end of June, the urban domestic sewage treatment capacity has been increased by 240,000 tonnes per day, accounting for 60 percent of the annual target; the rest of the project is being pushed forward according to schedule.

It is planned to renovate more than 400 kilometres of urban sewage networks, and about 372 kilometres had been completed by the end of June. Among them, six cities, including Hefei, have made faster progress, having completed more than 90 percent of their annual target tasks. In order to enhance the capacity of urban drainage and flood prevention, the province plans to build more than 700 kilometres of new drainage pipes in 2023. By the end of June, 438.1 kilometres had been completed, while at the same time, a total of 386 drainage pumping stations had been built.

In addition, the province has completed the renewal and reconstruction of 1,113.33 kilometres of urban gas pipelines, accounting for 56.47 percent of the annual target, and completed the renewal and reconstruction of 720 kilometres of urban water supply pipeline networks.

In order to allow more residents to see greenery outside their homes, the province must continue to improve the layout of urban landscaping. This year, the province plans to add more than 200 new "pocket parks", add or renovate 20 million square metres of green space and add 500 kilometres of new greenway.

By the end of June, 170 new "pocket parks" had been built, accounting for 85 per cent of the annual target. The area of new and upgraded urban garden green space is 21,228,900 square metres, and 419.7 kilometres of urban greenways have been built. Among them, Hefei and other cities have made faster progress and have completed their annual target tasks ahead of schedule.

This year, the province also plans to add 450,000 urban parking spaces. As of the end of June, 343,800 spaces have been completed, accounting for 76.41 percent of the annual plan. Construction in Hefei is progressing faster, and it is more convenient for residents to travel by car.

Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department of Anhui Province requires localities to further strengthen project reserves, accelerate the promotion of various projects and strive to enhance the vitality of urban functions, to ensure the successful completion of the annual objectives and tasks.

Source: Anhui News

Reported by Wu Qi

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen and Wang Xirui

Editor:Wang Xirui

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