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Insights and suggestions from 'Anhui Merchants' Roundtable Conference

Pub Date:23-05-29 15:38 Source:cnanhui.org

On May 27th, the second "World Anhui Merchants" roundtable conference was held in Hefei. At the call of their hometown, Anhui merchants gathered together in the form of a roundtable conference to provide suggestions for Anhui's development in promoting the construction of "USTC Silicon Valley", accelerating the construction of the automobile industry cluster, and promoting the comprehensive revitalization of northern Anhui. Experts and entrepreneurs from Anhui and those who invested in Anhui expressed their concern and pride for this investment hotspot.

"I am honored to share my insights on the construction of USTC Silicon Valley with you today at the roundtable conference." As the chairman of Shenzhen Capital Group (SCGC), Ni Zewang has been paying attention to the construction of USTC Silicon Valley. Earlier, he noticed the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of USTC Silicon Valley" issued by the Anhui provincial government in August last year, which mentioned that "by 2025, a multi-level fund system with a fund size of over 200 billion yuan will be formed; more than 100,000 outstanding talents will be gathered; and more than 50 listed companies and unicorn enterprises will be cultivated."

"For the construction of USTC Silicon Valley, we need to establish a mechanism that can achieve mutual benefit among scientists, investors and the government." Ni Zewang said that as an innovation source, how can research institutes achieve continuous new technological breakthroughs, how can new technologies find suitable application scenarios, how can universities and professors reasonably distribute the benefits of intellectual property rights, how can investment institutions participate in the incubation of early-stage projects, what kind of assistance and support can the government provide for entrepreneurial professors and investment institutions to eliminate their worries and stimulate their entrepreneurial and investment enthusiasm. Specific policies should be introduced to answer the above questions and be consistently implemented. Over time, a closely connected industry-university-research innovation alliance can be created to ensure the sustained development of innovation.

"Anhui has a good industrial foundation and abundant scientific and educational resources, and has unique natural advantages." Li Bin, the founder and chairman of NIO, was full of passion and put forward his own views on Anhui's efforts to build an automobile industry cluster. He believes that Anhui has formed several automobile parts industrial clusters such as Hefei, Wuhu, Chuzhou, and Lu'an, and the industrial chain is increasingly perfect. However, there is still a gap in the innovative industrial chain such as electrification and intelligence. He suggested actively guiding capital such as the provincial emerging industry development fund to fully play Anhui's unique advantages in attracting more outstanding enterprises from Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang to settle nearby and add more "new friends" to the industry development.

As a backbone force of China's independent brands and a state-owned enterprise in the automobile industry in Anhui Province, JAC Group continues to deepen cooperation and accelerate the improvement of the industrial chain layout. It continuously deepens cooperation with Volkswagen, and Volkswagen Anhui Joint Venture Company is fully promoting the introduction and production of Volkswagen's new energy vehicles. The first pre-production model was officially off the production line in December last year, and the first mass-produced model will be put into production in the second half of this year.

In his speech, Xiang Xingchu, chairman of Anhui JAC Group, suggested that Anhui Province should continue to highlight extending the chain, making up for the chain, and strengthening the chain, and strengthen the attraction of excellent enterprises, supporting the research and development innovation of intelligent nevers and marketing service innovation, supporting the development of domestic market and expanding international market, and enhancing brand competitiveness. On the other hand, actively introducing specialized, refined, differential and innovational enterprises, and enterprises of "Four-new Economies", promoting the extension of the new energy automobile and intelligent connected vehicle industry to the service industry, and realizing the integration and development of manufacturing and service industries.

Reported by Shi Ruiwen, Xu Mengyu

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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