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Foreign Internet celebrities experience Hefei's NEV industry on-site

Pub Date:23-10-30 15:49 Source:english.anhuinews.com

New energy vehicles are becoming Hefei's new symbol. On the morning of October 27th, the "Daka China - Telling Anhui's Stories Well and Conveying Voices from Hefei" International Communication Event visited multiple NEV companies in Hefei. Through this activity, foreign internet celebrities experienced the city's innovation, technological vitality, and industrial strength.

Video blogger Luo Jiafang from Malaysia, who has worked in car sales, has unique insights into automobiles. She discovered that in Hefei, people enjoy many incentives when purchasing electric vehicles, and electric vehicles are not restricted on public roads. Additionally, she noted that "the electric vehicles produced by Hefei enterprises have comfortable interiors and are basically equipped with panoramic sunroofs, making them very attractive overall."

Upon learning that JAC Group has established a subsidiary in her hometown, Luo Jiafang expressed her desire to visit, saying, "Whether living in China or returning to my hometown, I will consider buying an electric vehicle from JAC Group. It's really cool, and the overall performance is excellent."

After visiting the JAC light-duty vehicle production base, the foreign internet celebrities also experienced the latest models of new energy electric vehicles from JAC Motors.

Video blogger Anter, from Russia, expressed his lingering excitement after getting off the car, saying, "I see electric vehicles are very popular in Hefei. Today, I also took a test ride, and even at a speed of 130 km/h, the vehicle remained stable. It feels very impressive."

Similarly amazed by Hefei's NEV advanced production line, Brazilian video blogger Sammy interacted frequently with the tour guide during the visit to NIO's advanced vehicle manufacturing base in Hefei. She mentioned that NIO's battery recycling system is environmentally friendly, which impressed her.

NIO is a global intelligent electric vehicle company, and the Hefei advanced vehicle manufacturing base is its largest high-end NEV production facility, covering approximately 1,000 mu with a total construction area of around 230,000 square meters.

Video blogger Nguyen Trang Thi from Vietnam is eagerly looking forward to NIO, saying, "In Vietnam, locally produced electric vehicles require many imported components, so their prices are high and are mostly used for taxis. I hope that Hefei's automotive companies will have the opportunity to expand to Vietnam and popularize new energy vehicles."

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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