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Anhui: New technologies and models empower more efficient cultivation and management of farmland

Pub Date:24-03-21 17:02 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Currently, the cultivation and management of farmland in spring have been fully launched in various areas of Anhui Province. This year, various new technologies and models have emerged in the fields, bringing new changes to local grain production.

At present, it is the season for early rice seedling cultivation. In the factory-style seedling cultivation center in Bowang District, Ma'anshan City, the newly purchased intelligent seedling production line has been put into use. The 10-meter-long production line can be operated with a single click and can control moisture and temperature in real-time, truly achieving precision seeding.

The person in charge of the center stated that the entire production line can produce 1,200 seedling trays per hour, saving more than 15% of seed usage and reducing costs by 10% per mu.

This year, the rice planting area in Ma'anshan City has reached 1.75 million mu, with a factory-style seedling cultivation rate of 40%. Intelligent seedling cultivation not only saves the cost of seedling cultivation but also significantly improves the survival rate of seedlings and shortens the germination time, quietly transforming the traditional seedling cultivation methods.

Huoqiu County, a major grain-producing county in Lu'an City, has allocated more than 20 million yuan of special funds for agriculture-related projects to build intelligent seedling cultivation factories in the core planting area of the county. Up to now, more than 50% of the 800,000 mu of regenerative rice seedling cultivation in the county has been completed, and large-scale planting can begin in mid-April.

Han Daohai, a large-scale grain grower in Huhu Town, Huoqiu County, Lu'an City, said, "Greenhouse seedling cultivation can control the temperature, produce robust seedlings, and make them grow well. We can transplant seedlings early. It saves labor, time, and money."

Professionalized farmland management makes cultivation and management of farmland in spring more efficient. Similarly, in Fengtai County, Huainan City, relying on over 300 agricultural socialized service entities, comprehensive management services are provided for the land of 80,000 small-scale farmers in the county. More technology-based agricultural machinery and equipment are being used in spring farming to lay a solid foundation for a bountiful summer grain harvest.

Editor:Zheng Chen

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