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China-Europe Freight Train (Hefei) surpasses 4,000 trips in cumulative operations

Pub Date:24-04-10 16:44 Source:english.anhuinews.com

At 9 a.m. on April 9th, a China-Europe freight train (Hefei) loaded with Anhui-made white goods set off from Hefeibei Station, heading to Central Asia, carrying a total of 110 TEUs valued at 7.9 million yuan. Reporters learned from Hefei Customs that the departure of this train marks a significant milestone for the China-Europe freight train (Hefei), having reached a cumulative total of 4000 trains since its inaugural journey in 2014.

The service has seen a steady increase from an initial 1 to 2 trains per month to an average of 2 trains per day. The proportion of "Made in Anhui" products has risen from 10% at the start to 95% today, demonstrating the growing trend of "Anhui goods transported by Anhui" and supporting more Anhui products to reach international markets. The outbound cargo includes "Made in Anhui" vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage equipment, integrated circuits, household appliances, while the return trips bring back Russian timber, German coffee roasting machines, fiberglass hoses, among other items, indicating an increasingly diverse range of goods. As of now, the China-Europe freight train (Hefei) covers 18 countries and 144 city stations.

It is reported that to promote the development of the China-Europe freight train (Hefei), the Luzhou Customs under Hefei Customs has actively implemented the "Railway Express Clearance" supervision model. This has effectively improved the efficiency and convenience of transit transportation and customs clearance for export goods on the domestic section of the China-Europe railway. The scale of operations has grown from less than 200 trains in three years to over 800 trains annually. In addition, the practice of segmented settlement of return freight charges for the China-Europe freight train (Hefei) is upheld, thus reducing taxes and lowering the financial burden on enterprises. Furthermore, continuous optimization and improvement of supervisory services are maintained, always keeping a "7×24" hour customs declaration mechanism in place, providing comprehensive customs guidance throughout the process, and ensuring that train goods are "inspected upon arrival, checked promptly, and released immediately."

"In the first three months of this year, a cumulative total of 306 trains were dispatched, transporting 25,140 TEUs with a cargo value of 3.09 billion yuan," said Yang Jinxia, Deputy Director of Luzhou Customs. "Next, the newly constructed Hefei International Land Port Customs Supervision Site will be put into operation. We will continue to promote the logistics supervision model centered on railway transportation and linked by multimodal transport, aiding in the construction of an integrated 'air-rail-sea' logistics system." 

Source: Anhui Daily 

Editor:Qin Shuying

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