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Anhui wetland protection rate reaches 51.8 percent

Pub Date:2023-07-25 16:17 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Wetland is an important natural ecosystem and an important part of natural ecological space. Anhui Forestry Bureau recently released the Anhui Wetland Protection Plan (2022-2030) for public consultation. According to the plan, the province will implement a control system for the total area of wetlands, improve the wetland grading management system, and implement wetland protection and restoration projects. By 2025, the wetland protection rate in Anhui Province will reach 55 percent, and by 2030, it will reach 57 percent.

Province's wetland protection rate reaches 51.8 percent

Anhui Province, with its diverse landforms, complex ecological environment, rivers and lakes, is one of the provinces with the richest wetland resources in China. According to the results of the third national land survey, the total area of wetlands in Anhui Province is 1,603,700 hectares, accounting for 2.85 percent of the total area of wetlands in the country.

In recent years, wetland protection regulations and systems have been introduced one after another in the province, and the wetland protection network system has been continuously improved. By the end of 2022, Anhui Province had 1 internationally important wetland, 52 provincially important wetlands, 18 wetland nature reserves above provincial level, 57 wetland parks, and 609 wetland protection districts. The province's wetland protection rate reached 51.8 percent.

Anhui Province has been vigorously promoting wetland protection and restoration projects. since 2016, the province has removed about 10 million metres of fencing and restored 10,000 hectares of damaged wetlands; at the same time, it has carried out ecological compensation for wetland protection in internationally important wetland, and the ecological restoration of wetlands has achieved remarkable results.

Anhui's wetlands are also home to a wealth of wildlife resources. Up to now, 730 species of vertebrates of 44 orders and 125 families are known in the province, accounting for about 26 per cent of the national species, with representative species such as Anhui musk, black muntjac and oriental white stork. The province now has 3,645 species of vascular plants in 225 families and 1,232 genera, accounting for 13.1 percent of the national species count. In 2022, the total number of wintering waterfowl in the province reached 680,000 birds.

Source: Anhui Business Daily

Reported by Liu Yuanyuan

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen and Wang Xirui

Editor:Wang Xirui

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