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'Winter Travel in Anhui, Leisurely Rural Charm' themed promotion held in Shanghai

Pub Date:24-01-12 11:01 Source:english.anhuinews.com


On the morning of January 11th, a themed promotion event titled "Winter Travel in Anhui, Leisurely Rural Charm" organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Leveraging the platform of the China Anhui Famous and Excellent Agricultural Products and Agricultural Industrialization Trade Fair, the event aimed to promote Anhui's specialized cultural and tourism offerings to the citizens of Shanghai. The goal was to deepen cultural and tourism cooperation and exchanges between Anhui and Shanghai, further enriching the supply of cultural and tourism products for Shanghai residents during the Spring Festival.

During the promotion event, videos such as "Beautiful Anhui, Diverse China" and "Anhui Rural Tourism Promo" were played, showcasing Anhui's cultural and tourism resources and inviting Shanghai residents to experience the leisurely rural charm of the Jianghuai region. It was understood that in order to attract visitors to Anhui and stimulate cultural and tourism consumption within the province, the Anhui Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism would collaborate with local governments to organize marketing activities, focusing on seasonal tourism resources and implementing thematic and market-oriented promotion. This would provide tourists with more accurate travel information, detailed travel guides, and thoughtful travel advice.

In recent years, Anhui has made great efforts to develop rural tourism. The province currently has 683 A-level tourist attractions, with rural tourism sites accounting for nearly 60% of them. There are 23 tourist resorts, with rural resorts accounting for nearly 90%. Anhui has one of The World's Best Tourist Villages (Xidi Village in Yixian County), 53 Nationally Key Rural Tourism Villages and Towns, 90 provincial-level distinctive tourism towns, 150 provincial-level distinctive tourism villages, 259 leisure tourism demonstration sites, and over 6,000 distinctive homestays. New forms of rural tourism, such as educational excursions, self-driving tours, camping, and health and wellness tourism, are thriving. New products in rural tourism, such as agricultural experiences, intangible cultural heritage, rural art, and natural landscapes, are constantly emerging.

Source: anhuinews.com

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