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China renews blue alert for torrential rain    20-08-10 08:55
9 signature towns in Anhui among China’s top 50    20-08-07 15:24
China to develop 600kmph maglev trains    20-08-07 09:16
Water amusement popular in Wuhu    20-08-06 15:16
No paper tickets needed! E-cards benefit commuters in Yangtze delta    20-08-06 08:39
Evacuated rural residents in Tongling return home    20-08-05 15:23
China renews yellow alert for Typhoon Hagupit    20-08-04 08:33
Hefei-Anqing high-speed railway enters static test phase    20-08-03 09:37
Heavy rain affects millions in China's Anhui    20-08-03 08:54
China allocates 50 mln yuan for post-disaster reconstruction of Wangjiaba    20-07-31 15:06
Hefei operates 300th China-Europe freight train    20-07-30 16:07
Heavy rain affects over 8 mln in China's Anhui    20-07-29 08:44
Highland villages shelter residents from floods    20-07-28 08:46
China steps up flood control in Yangtze River    20-07-27 08:54
East China's Anhui declares flood emergency in 12 cities    20-07-27 08:42
Rainstorms forecast in areas along Yangtze River    20-07-24 08:45
Anhui’s travel agencies resume trans-provincial tours    20-07-23 14:58
China renews yellow alert for rainstorms    20-07-22 15:03
Risk of major flooding increases in Huaihe River    20-07-21 08:33
China's 5th largest fresh water lake sees record-high water level    20-07-20 08:47
Emergency response upgraded over China's Huaihe River floods    20-07-20 08:42
Blue alert for flooding issued for China's Huaihe River    20-07-17 08:41
China issues blue alert for widespread rainstorms    20-07-15 09:08
Yangtze River sees rising water levels    20-07-13 15:19
Rustic charm creates tourism boom for farmers    20-07-09 15:55
Centuries-old bridge collapses in Huangshan    20-07-09 15:52
Anhui plans to build three high-speed railways    20-07-08 15:44
Flood destroys ancient bridge in East China    20-07-08 08:36
Chinese people make over 78m trips during Dragon Boat Festival holiday    20-06-28 09:10
Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou rail likely to open to traffic on June 28    20-06-23 10:15
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Workers work in hot weather transporting railway tracks in Anhui
Major part of Hefei-Anqing high-speed railway project completed
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(AmazingAnhui)She inkstone, a national cultural heritage in E China's Anhui
(AmazingAnhui)Huizhou inkstick, a cultural heritage in E China's Anhui
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People relocated to avoid floods receive good care in E China’s Hefei
Destiny carries soldier back to flood front line
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China renews blue alert for torrential rain
9 signature towns in Anhui among China’s top 50
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