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Town blanketed by cherry blossoms    21-03-01 09:59
China logs 256 mln domestic tourist trips during Spring Festival holiday    21-02-26 09:49
Spring Festival traffic significantly down this year    21-02-19 09:07
New festival leisure modes boost domestic tourism    21-02-18 10:08
Passenger trips total 77 mln since start of Spring Festival holiday    21-02-18 08:48
Railway investment to hit $11.6 bln in China's Yangtze River Delta    21-02-18 08:38
Last leg of China's longest east-west high-speed rail route opens    21-02-09 08:42
Each county in Anhui to have access to expressways    21-02-08 11:00
Nation beefs up wildlife protection    21-02-07 09:03
China's Anhui province, U.S. state of Maryland celebrate 40th anniversary of sister relationship    21-02-05 16:32
Hefei Wetland List (First Batch) officially released    21-02-04 16:25
Anhui's "expressway for every county" project accelerates    21-02-01 16:36
Stricter measures introduced for Spring Festival travel rush    21-01-29 14:43
Hefei holds "Hand in Hand to Prevent Epidemic" activity in train    21-01-29 11:22
Length of China's high speed rail lines doubles in past five years    21-01-29 10:25
China says New Year holiday travel curbs not mandatory    21-01-27 16:48
Airlines to offer free refunds for tickets for chunyun    21-01-26 16:48
China urges less travel during upcoming holiday    21-01-26 08:40
Authorities urge caution in travel, school and cinemas to curb COVID-19 spread    21-01-25 08:36
China rolls out new railway operating plan    21-01-20 14:44
Staying home during Spring Festival becomes proactive option    21-01-20 08:42
Migrants urged to stay put for festival    21-01-18 10:11
Huangshan among top five Chinese cities with good air quality in 2020    21-01-18 09:47
Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport completes test flights    21-01-14 17:18
China building new bridge over Yangtze River    21-01-14 08:53
China tightens passenger traffic control in medium, high-risk areas    21-01-14 08:50
Hefei airport handles 87,500 tonnes of cargo in 2020    21-01-12 10:29
Localities releasing stipulations for Spring Festival travel    21-01-11 14:44
China renews blue alert for cold wave    21-01-08 08:42
Temperatures set to plummet by up to 10 C    21-01-07 08:52
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Town blanketed by cherry blossoms
China logs 256 mln domestic tourist trips during Spring Festival holiday
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