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Bozhou, Anhui: leveraging 'Big Industry' and seizing development opportunities

Pub Date:23-12-28 17:02 Source:english.anhuinews.com

The glass greenhouse in Xingnong Green Harbor Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Industrial Park in Mengcheng County in Anhui is full of greenery. Cucumber, tomato and all kinds of vegetables are not affected by the cold weather outside.

"We achieve scientific management and planting through a fully automated control system. This allows for integrated water and fertilizer management. Not only does it reduce the use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides, but it also improves land utilization efficiency and increases the yield of fruits and vegetables per unit area." Wang Zenghui, general manager of Mengcheng Wannonggu Modern Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., told reporters: "Vegetables all have their own potential. Under normal circumstances, they can only reach about 30% of their potential when planted. What we do is to try our best to stimulate their potential through scientific means. For example, this fruit cucumber only takes 7 days to mature and be ready for harvest once it blooms, and it can be directly delivered to the tables of citizens in the Yangtze River Delta region."


Workers in Xingnong Green Harbor Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Industrial Park are conducting soilless lettuce cultivation operations

Currently, the park can produce a total of 7 tons of fruit cucumbers and tomatoes daily, which will be directly supplied to large supermarkets in Nanjing.

With the increase in vegetable production, storage has become a new issue. Anhui Dalin Freeze-dried Food Industry Park has come up with a new solution - freeze-dried vegetables. "We currently consume 3 tons of green vegetables every day here, and the consumption will be even higher once our freeze-drying production line is completed in the future," said Bian Huadan, general manager assistant of the industrial park. Under the introduction of Bian Huadan, reporters saw the longest and most technologically advanced drying equipment in China at present. Workers placed neatly stacked green leafy vegetables on a 160-meter-long vegetable processing production line for processing. After undergoing multiple processes such as cleaning, sterilization, cutting, and drying, the water in the green leafy vegetables was completely "squeezed" dry in just a few minutes. The color remained lush green while the volume and weight decreased by several dozen times. The price also increased from a few cents per catty for raw materials to several yuan or even more than ten yuan per catty. The storage time was greatly extended as well, with a shelf life of up to two years under sealed conditions. 


Anhui Dalin Freeze-dried Food Industry Park Drying Workshop

Dehydrated vegetables break through the limitations of seasons and transportation conditions, extending the vegetable industry chain and achieving the transformation from low-end to high-end.

Source: anhuinews.com

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