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Anhui: Seeking win-win cooperation in NEV industry

Pub Date:23-12-21 16:56 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On December 20th, a New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain Matchmaking Conference with the theme of "Mutual Integration and Collaborative Development" was held in Hefei. Leaders from various automobile companies such as Chery and NIO, as well as related enterprises from the automotive industry, gathered together.

In order to accelerate the development of Anhui's NEV industry, experts and company executives present engaged in discussions around their respective fields.

One out of every four exported vehicles in China is "Made in Anhui"

The rapid development of Anhui's NEV industry can be illustrated by the numbers announced at the conference.

In the first 11 months of this year, the production and sales of NEVs in China reached 8.426 million and 8.304 million units, respectively, representing year-on-year growth of 34.5% and 36.7%. The export volume of NEVs reached 1.091 million units, making China the world's largest exporter of automobiles.

The development of NEVs is an essential path for China to transition from being a major automobile producing country to a country strong in the automotive industry. Faced with this historic opportunity, Anhui naturally will not stand idly by. Currently, the province has gathered seven complete vehicle manufacturers, including Chery, JAC, and NIO, as well as over 4,000 component and aftermarket enterprises, forming a complete automotive industry system with coordinated integration between whole vehicles and parts. It has initially formed an intelligent NEV industry cluster with significant influence and core competitiveness.

In the past three years, Anhui's automobile production has maintained a growth rate of over 20%. From January to November this year, the automobile production reached 2.178 million units, a growth of 42.7%, and rose from the 7th to the 2nd place in the national ranking. The production of NEVs reached 780,000 units, a growth of 63.2%, accounting for 9.3% of the national total and rising from the 7th to the 4th place in the national ranking.

Anhui's automobile exports are also continuously strengthening. In the first 11 months, a total of 1.045 million vehicles were exported, accounting for 23.7% of the national total. In other words, for every four cars exported nationally, one is manufactured in Anhui. Chery Automobile, as the first Chinese brand to exceed one million in sales and the earliest to lay out the independent NEV brand, has ranked first in China's brand passenger car exports for 25 consecutive years.

Based on such a foundation, Anhui is accelerating the enhancement of the competitiveness of Anhui's NEVs, striving to build 2-3 world-class complete vehicle manufacturers and world-class automobile independent brands by 2027, gathering leading core component enterprises, research and development institutions, and innovative talents, and constructing a globally first-class gathering place for automotive innovation talents.

An extraordinary laboratory

Just as demonstrated by the theme of this conference, "Mutual Integration and Collaborative Development," NEVs, like all emerging industries, will undergo a process from competition to integration. To reach the competitive high ground, Anhui must rely on its innovative advantages, with platform construction being a key focus.

The signing ceremony for the Anhui Open Automotive Ecology Laboratory was held at the conference. It is the most important project in Anhui Province's construction of an innovative ecological system for the automotive industry, highlighting innovation-led automotive industry development. It is a key factor for Anhui Province to break through in the NEV industry, achieve high-quality and sustainable development, accelerate the construction of an internationally competitive NEV industry cluster, and promote Anhui's advancement towards becoming a strong province in NEV industry.

According to the introduction, the core members of the Open Automotive Ecology Laboratory come from Fortune 500 companies, listed companies, renowned consulting firms, and top domestic universities specializing in the automotive field. The laboratory includes an open automotive ecology laboratory for innovation system construction and several laboratories for key generic technology research. It has proposed a series of development plans under the name "Starry Sky Cloud Cluster" to help build an internationally competitive ecological and industrial cluster for the NEV industry.

"Industry supply-demand matchmaking, as convenient as online shopping"

To enhance the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of Anhui's NEV industry, it is necessary to achieve deep integration of the "four chains" of innovation, industry, capital, and talent.

In November of this year, in order to address issues faced by automotive-related enterprises, the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission (Anhui Provincial Automotive Office) officially launched and tested the Anhui Automotive Industry Supply-Demand Matchmaking Platform. This is the province's first online platform dedicated to matching supply and demand in the automotive industry. At the conference, the relevant person in charge of the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission introduced during the platform promotion that business cooperation can also be as convenient as online shopping. Both buyers and sellers can "list" their respective supply and demand on the platform, and orders can be placed and accepted online. This facilitates collaboration between upstream and downstream enterprises in the automotive industry.

It is reported that the platform has created six main themes, including complete vehicle enterprises, component enterprises, aftermarket enterprises, higher education institutions, financial institutions, and research institutes. It covers nine major segments, and has four functions: information collection and release, technological achievements transfer, supply-demand matching, and financing connection. Up to now, the platform has attracted 522 registered enterprises and published 129 supply and demand information, including products, technology, talent, and funding, with the supply information accounting for 83.7%, which shows strong demand for enterprise collaboration.

At the conclusion of the keynote speech, Yu Dong, the Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the Anhui New Energy Vehicle Industry Cluster Construction Strategic Consultation Committee, presented two AI-drawn images. On the left was a desolate desert, while on the right was a lush forest. "If we cannot gather together, we will be lifeless like a desert. What we hope to see is the convergence of various elements in the industrial chain, working together to create a vibrant industry ecosystem," said Yu Dong.

Source: anhuinews.com

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