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Lujiang, Anhui: Mining site restored, covered with greenery again

Pub Date:23-08-15 16:06 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On August 12, 2023, aerial footage captured the restored abandoned mining area in Fanshan Town, Anhui Province. After the restoration, the bare mountain in the mining area is now covered with greenery.

It is understood that Fanshan Town was once the largest alum industrial base in China, known as the "Millennium Alum Capital." In 2001, the mining of alum ores ceased here, and in July 2021, the mining restoration project began. Through the elimination of geological hazards and the improvement of the natural ecological environment, large-scale forest nurturing and geological environmental management were carried out. The ecological restoration seamlessly integrated with the surrounding topography and landforms, including mountain vegetation restoration, dangerous rock treatment, water resource recovery, land remediation, vegetation greening projects, and road reconstruction, presenting a natural landscape. Through ecological restoration, issues such as soil pollution, soil erosion, and geological hazards in the mining area have been effectively addressed, showing significant results. The restored bare mountain is now covered with greenery.

In recent years, Lujiang County has firmly established the concept of "clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver." It regards the ecological restoration of abandoned mining areas as an important practice in comprehensive land remediation. By restoring the mining areas, improving ecology, and restoring vegetation, it protects and utilizes the rich resources of the alum industrial heritage. It combines ecological construction and cultural tourism activities, achieving ecological protection, transformation of ancient towns, and rural revitalization. From scenic areas to regional landscapes, it promotes integrated development in tourism and other industries, effectively driving local rural revitalization.

Source: Anhui News

Editor:Zheng Chen

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