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Hefei: New energy 'bullet-shaped' long-haul truck put into operation

Pub Date:24-01-08 10:46 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Recently, at the yard of the YTO Express Hefei Hub, a heavy-duty truck with a bullet-shaped design stood out among a row of trucks. It is the first new energy long-haul truck introduced by YTO in recent times.

This truck can carry a load of 49 tons and, like other long-haul vehicles of YTO, has a maximum range of 300 kilometers when fully loaded. It supports both charging and battery swapping modes. It mainly shuttles between the YTO Hefei Hub and the Bengbu Hub, covering a total distance of approximately 155 kilometers. After a period of trial operation, the vehicle has fully adapted to the transportation tasks on this route.

The new energy truck has a significant energy-saving and emission-reducing effect. Calculated based on saving 30,000 liters of diesel fuel per year, a new energy truck can reduce emissions by about 92.8 tons of diesel annually. Recycling one express cardboard box can reduce carbon emissions by an average of 37 grams, equivalent to recycling over 2.5 million cardboard boxes in a year. Song Zhen is the driver of YTO's first new energy heavy-duty truck. As an experienced driver, he is very satisfied with the advantages of this truck in terms of power, comfort, and safety. He said, 'It has faster acceleration, stronger climbing performance, and intelligent driving functions such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. I feel more confident driving it on highways and long downhill roads.'

In the future, YTO will continue to collaborate with relevant enterprises to accelerate the development of new energy vehicles in the express logistics field, expand the application of new energy long-haul trucks, and integrate green transportation, green power generation, green delivery, and green packaging throughout the entire express process.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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