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The 4th Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival to be held in Xuancheng, Anhui

Pub Date:24-03-26 16:31 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On March 25th, the press conference for the 4th Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival was held in Shanghai. The sports festival is scheduled to take place from April to September in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, featuring three main categories: landscape ecology, happy fashion, and traditional sports, with a total of 21 events.

The main visual of the 4th Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival centers around the concept of a "landscape painting on Xuan paper," adopting a turquoise color symbolizing "lucid waters and lush mountains" as the primary hue. On this canvas, artistic layers are superimposed, incorporating elements of landscape culture, the four treasures of the study (writing brush, inkstick, inkstone, and paper), as well as other cultural and historical elements. It also features dynamic sports figures, highlighting the regional cultural attributes of Xuancheng and presenting the image of "Poetic Xuancheng," while closely echoing the theme of the Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival: "Green, Health, Integration, and Sharing." 

The mascot "Yangyang" is based on the Yangtze alligator, a unique and nationally protected animal from southern Anhui. It is depicted as a lively and adorable green cartoon character, reflecting Xuancheng's commitment to ecological priority and green development. At the same time, it symbolizes the health, enthusiasm, and vitality that the Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival brings through sports, encouraging people to strengthen their bodies, uplift their spirits, and enhance the quality of life through physical activity.

As the host of the 4th Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival, Xuancheng boasts abundant natural landscape resources and profound historical and cultural heritage. It is recognized as a national historical and cultural city and an excellent tourist city in China. 

It is reported that the opening ceremony of the 4th Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival will be held on April 13th at the Wanling Lake Sports Park in Xuancheng City. From April to September, the sporting events will be rolled out successively, mainly targeting all sports enthusiasts in the Yangtze River Delta region, creating a warm atmosphere for nationwide fitness participation.

Source: anhuinews.com

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