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Anhui to fully construct a modern water network system

Pub Date:2023-07-25 15:35 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On July 21st, according to the Anhui Provincial Department of Water Resources, the "Anhui Province Modern Water Network Construction Plan" was recently approved by the provincial government as a guiding document and important basis for the construction of a modern water network in Anhui in the future.

Anhui is an important province in the construction of the national water network, and its water network constitutes a significant part of the national water network's main framework and major arteries. In order to scientifically plan the top-level design of Anhui's water network, effectively undertake the construction of the national water network, and guide the construction of water networks in cities and counties, the Anhui Provincial Department of Water Resources has organized the formulation of this construction plan.

According to the introduction, targeting the shortcomings and weaknesses in water security during the new development stage, the province will focus on enhancing drainage, water transport, and water storage functions. It will also prioritize improving capabilities in flood defense, water resources allocation, and water ecosystem restoration. This will be achieved through the integration of new and existing water systems, the connection of new and old water sources, and the enhancement of new and existing functions to construct the overall layout of Anhui's water network.

The plan sets forth the construction goals for the modern water network. By 2035, the modern Anhui water network system will be basically completed, fully interconnected with the national main water network, and the water network at the municipal and county levels will be basically improved. Various levels of water networks will be coordinated and integrated, flood control and disaster reduction capabilities will be significantly enhanced, and the water resources security system will be more comprehensive. The protection level of river and lake ecological governance will be significantly improved, achieving intelligent management of water network projects, and constructing an Anhui water security system that is in line with the basic realization of socialist modernization. By 2050, a fully built modern Anhui water network will be achieved. The modern water infrastructure network will be highly refined, and the modernization of the water governance system and capacity will be comprehensively realized.

Source: Anhui Daily

Reported by Wang Hongyi, Wang Chunxia

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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