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Suzhou, Anhui: accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system

Pub Date:23-12-15 16:56 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Creating "Three Bases" of Auto Parts, Pre-cooked Dishes, and Photovoltaic Energy

On December 3, the production workshop of Anhui Jiarui Bearing Co., Ltd. in Sixian County was bustling with activity as technical workers were rushing to complete orders for thin-walled angular contact bearings.

In recent years, Sixian County has made great efforts to build an auto parts industrial park and actively connect with global auto parts top 100 enterprises and vehicle manufacturing companies. Currently, the industrial park has already accommodated 74 auto parts manufacturing and related supporting enterprises, including Zhongheng Electric Injection and Jiarui Bearing.

Suzhou City, relying on the county-level characteristic industrial clusters of auto parts in Sixian County and machinery manufacturing in Lingbi County, has gathered 132 auto parts manufacturing and supporting enterprises. It has implemented eight key actions such as the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and optimization of aftermarket services, established the first New Energy Automobile Industry Research Institute in northern Anhui, and made the new energy automobile parts industry bigger and stronger. In addition to auto parts, Suzhou City has also seized the new opportunity of pre-cooked dishes.

The photovoltaic energy industry is also one of the "three bases" that the city focuses on building. In the high-efficiency heterojunction photovoltaic cell production base in Sixian County, a 150,000 square meter factory building has been completed and workers are installing and debugging equipment. "The first phase of the project will produce ultra-high efficiency heterojunction modules and large-sized ultra-thin silicon wafer slicing," said Qi Bin, director of the office of Anhui Quanwei Green Energy New Technology Co., Ltd. After the full operation of the base project, the annual revenue will exceed 30 billion yuan. Suzhou City seizes the new track of the photovoltaic energy industry, vigorously develops and expands the photovoltaic manufacturing industry such as silicon wafers, battery cells, photovoltaic modules, and photovoltaic solder strips. With the landing and construction of a number of key projects such as Qingdian Photovoltaics, ShunFeng Photovoltaic Investment, Guosheng New Energy, and Quanwei Green Energy, the industrial cluster effect has become prominent.

Source: Anhui Daily 

Editor:Qin Shuying

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