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The '3-hour industrial circle' reflects the substantial growth of NEV industry in Anhui

Pub Date:23-08-04 16:34 Source:english.anhuinews.com

In Anhui, through the collaborative development of industrial clusters, a '3-hour industrial circle' that reflects the characteristics of a modern industrial system has been formed. A new energy vehicle manufacturer in it can obtain all the necessary supporting parts within a 3-hour drive.

With the new round of scientific and technological revolution and accelerated evolution of industrial transformation, Anhui insists on making the automotive industry the "primary industry", promoting all kinds of resources and elements gathered in the automobile field and accelerating the construction of a strong province for new energy vehicles.

Anhui has broken through the key technology of new energy vehicles and built a complete industrial system. The production and sales volume of new energy vehicles are among the top in the country. The '3-hour industrial circle' reflects the rise of China's new energy vehicle industry.

In the past three years, Anhui's automobile output has maintained an annual growth rate of over 20%. In 2022, the province's automobile output reached 1,747,000 units, an increase of 17.4% year-on-year; the output of new-energy vehicles reached 527,000 units, an increase of 108% year-on-year. The total volume of automobiles and new energy vehicles both ranked 7th in the country, with both outputs hitting record highs.

According to statistics, there are 64 lithium battery industry bases in Anhui, of which 22 are in Hefei, 9 are in Anqing, 6 are in Wuhu, 5 are in Chuzhou, and 4 are in Tongling. In the first three quarters of 2022, the output of lithium batteries in Hefei was 25,082,700 units, an increase of 36.1% year-on-year.

Clustering effect is a prominent feature of the development of the automobile industry

Now, within the three-hour drive range of Anhui's new energy vehicle industry cluster, which is in line with the principle of nearby procurement, it can significantly reduce the transportation cost of components and endow the supply system with the ability to respond quickly and flexibly. The factory can allocate the surrounding company's parts according to the production plan at any time.

"Thanks to this industrial chain foundation and the strong coordination and support from the Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, BYD has achieved the start of construction, production and delivery in the same year." Chen Wujun, director of BYD's East China region, said.

Driven by leading automobile enterprises, Anhui has established a complete industrial chain system that integrates the full vehicle, engine, body, chassis, interior and exterior decoration, power battery, and electric motor control. In 2022, Anhui has over 1000 enterprises in the automotive industry chain above designated size, and has formed a more complete industrial system.

In the '3-hour industrial circle' of Anhui, there are more than 100 power battery and supporting key enterprises. Leading enterprises in the field of motor, electronic control, electric drive assembly and other key components are also increasing.

"We strive to make breakthroughs in cultivating new energy vehicle industry clusters with international competitiveness by 2025; and to become a 'smart vehicle province' with global visibility and influence by 2027." The relevant person in charge of the Anhui Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology said.

Source: Anhui News

Reported by Xu Hao

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen and Wang Xirui

Editor:Wang Xirui

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