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Across Anhui: Major projects kick off

Pub Date:24-04-03 16:44 Source:english.anhuinews.com

The launch of major projects marks the build-up of momentum for significant development. In the second batch of major projects launched in 2024 across Anhui province, various regions are continuously exerting efforts in multiple industry sectors such as manufacturing, infrastructure, public welfare, and new materials, driving the implementation and establishment of new productive forces.

In Hefei, the second batch of projects initiated includes 41 items with a total investment of 38.32 billion yuan. Among these, there are 7 projects with an investment of over 1 billion yuan each, totaling 23.68 billion yuan. Wuhu city has commenced work on 34 focused projects with a combined investment of 32.3 billion yuan, including 12 new energy projects. Once these projects are completed and operational, they will further enhance the core competitiveness of the local new energy and intelligent connected vehicle industries. In Fuyang, the second batch of projects started in 2024 comprises 30 items with a total investment of 20.29 billion yuan. These projects span areas such as new energy vehicles, advanced photovoltaics and novel energy storage, and high-end equipment manufacturing.

Huangshan has commenced work on 10 focused projects, covering cultural tourism, green food, and infrastructure, with a total investment of 5.34 billion yuan. Anqing city's second batch of initiated projects includes 32 items with a total investment of 28.97 billion yuan, spanning high-end equipment manufacturing, environmental new materials, automotive parts, and other areas. These projects are not only large in scale but also innovative in business model, exhibiting a strong demonstrative and stimulating effect.

Focusing on new productive forces, this round of provincial project launches in Anhui features higher quality, tighter integration with industries, and a more concentrated allocation of essential resources. Among these, sixty percent of the projects originate from emerging industrial fields.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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