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Anhui Taiping Lake: Vast and Dreamlike

Pub Date:23-11-22 10:38 Source:english.anhuinews.com

The vibrant autumn seems to have just arrived, but suddenly we welcome the early winter with the arrival of the Minor Snow solar term. As we step into Taiping Lake in this early winter, the lake water has just shed its restlessness from the autumn and is filled with a beautiful harmony of stillness and movement.

Between sunrise and sunset, Taiping Lake enters its golden period. The clouds, sandy beaches, and Chinese tallow trees vividly express the beauty of early winter. The sky remains blue, as does the night sky and the lake water, which continue to be the underlying colors of Taiping Lake. The white clouds float aimlessly, appearing ethereal like immortals, while the vast starry sky resembles clusters of white-hot stars, extending the poetic atmosphere of daytime and waiting for the dawn to bring about the rising mist once again.

With the sun breaking through the mist once more, Taiping Lake continues its cycle of blue, golden, and intertwining clouds, continuously producing a picturesque scenery that resonates with poetry and painting day after day, round after round.


Vast and misty Taiping Lake


Vast and misty Taiping Lake


Vast and misty Taiping Lake

Source: anhuinews.com

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