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Anhui: Heartwarming assistance facilitating talent employment

Pub Date:24-02-29 11:26 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On the afternoon of February 28th, the launching ceremony of the "Heartwarming Assistance" special recruitment event, part of the series of recruitment activities for graduates from Anhui provincial-level universities under the theme of "Revitalizing Anhui through Talent Employment in the Jianghuai Region" was held at Hefei Normal University in Anhui Province. A total of 270 participating units offered over 12,500 job positions, attracting students from 30 universities.

On that day, the venue of the recruitment fair was bustling with people. Students carried their resumes and engaged in in-depth conversations with recruiters from various companies, seeking suitable job positions. "My job intention is to be a high school math teacher. I have already received an offer from a secondary school through previous recruitment event. While accompanying my classmates in their job search, I also want to explore if there are better opportunities available," said Sun Xinyue, a senior student from Hefei Normal University.

It is reported that the "Heartwarming Assistance" special recruitment event had 270 registered participating companies, offering over 12,500 job positions. Among them, 224 companies were from within the province, providing over 11,200 job positions, while 46 companies were from outside the province, offering over 1,300 job positions. The industries mainly covered manufacturing, artificial intelligence, biopharmaceuticals, healthcare, scientific research and technical services, finance, education, public management, social security, and real estate.

The recruitment fair was jointly organized by Anhui Provincial Department of Education, Anhui Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Anhui Branch of the China Development Bank, and the Anhui Rural Credit Union. Hefei Normal University served as the host. The event aimed to provide a platform for various employers and university graduates in the province to connect and recruit, with a focus on employment assistance for difficult groups such as families that have escaped poverty, low-income families, zero-employment families, and disabled graduates. It aimed to promote high-quality and full employment opportunities for graduates from difficult backgrounds in universities.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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