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Anhui's largest water plant starts operation at 900,000 tons daily capacity

Pub Date:23-08-03 15:28 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Recently, the comprehensive contracting project for the upgrading and renovation of the largest water plant in Anhui Province, the Hefei Sixth Water Plant, undertaken by CSCEC Nanjing Company, has officially started operation. After the renovation, the daily production capacity of the Hefei Sixth Water Plant has increased from 600,000 cubic meters to 900,000 cubic meters, and the city’s daily water supply capacity has increased by 300,000 cubic meters, reaching 2.955 million cubic meters. This further improves the secure water supply system and enhances the urban water supply capacity of Hefei.

The project is located in the Luyang Economic Development Zone of Hefei City and includes the construction of additional conventional treatment facilities with a daily capacity of 300,000 tons, advanced treatment process facilities, and production wastewater collection and regulation facilities. In addition, advanced treatment facilities have been added to the existing conventional treatment facilities with a daily capacity of 600,000 tons. Since the start of construction in July 2020, after three years of renovation and construction, the project has been fully completed and put into operation.

During the construction process, in order to avoid water shortages in the area due to the upgrade and renovation work, the project deviated from the traditional “build before use” approach. Key factors such as process pipelines, electrical systems, and civil construction were closely monitored. An innovative construction model was adopted, which involved simultaneous demolition, construction, and process upgrade. This approach ensured the continued water production of the plant while completing the expansion and advanced treatment process construction.

Furthermore, to achieve improvements in both water quality and quantity, the project adopted a "conventional treatment + advanced treatment" process. Through the addition of ozone and activated carbon for advanced treatment, multiple processes were implemented to significantly enhance the guarantee capability of various water quality indicators. The entire treatment process was extended to further improve the taste of drinking water, resulting in water quality that exceeds the national drinking water standards by a factor of 10. In addition, a water quality testing laboratory was established to achieve real-time monitoring of water quality, ensuring the high-quality, efficient, and energy-saving operation of the water plant.

Source: Anhui News

Reporter: Tan Meiling

Translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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