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Hefei's green revolution in carbon reduction, afforestation, and sustainable development

Pub Date:2024-03-13 16:31 Source:english.anhuinews.com

In the collaborative efforts of carbon reduction, pollution control, afforestation, and development, Hefei, a landlocked city in Anhui Province, China, which is neither along the border nor adjacent to the sea, is achieving a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature through the green 'addition and subtraction' approach.

Sharing the Beauty of Nature

On a weekend morning in March, along the Lvzhouxi Road, lined with office buildings, a gentle breeze carried cherry blossom petals. People carrying tents and preparing for camping were enveloped by the spring atmosphere as they entered the nearby Green Axis Park.

Years ago, this place was filled with weeds and wasteland. "Back then, mosquitoes and flies were rampant, and everyone took detours to avoid this place," said Chen Fuwen, a 63-year-old resident. "Now it has become the preferred place for nearby residents to take a stroll with their children."

In 2023, China accomplished afforestation on 59.97 million mu, improved grassland on 65.685 million mu, and rehabilitated sandy and rocky desertification land on 28.575 million mu. Since the beginning of this century, about one-fourth of the global increase in green areas has come from China. China's man-made forest area has consistently ranked first in the world, making it the country with the fastest improvement in air quality globally.

Located in the core area of Shushan District, Hefei, Swan Lake connects parks, communities, business districts, and financial districts through a nearly 4-kilometer greenway around the lake. Amidst the flow of cars and pedestrians, the sounds of bird chirping can be heard, and birdwatching enthusiasts capture images of magpies, sparrows, and wild ducks in the lake.

"In the farther lakeside wetland park, you can even see egrets and little swans. They are increasingly choosing Hefei as their resting and nesting place," said photography enthusiast Zhu Ming, joyfully witnessing his "livable city" becoming a "paradise for birds."

According to the survey conducted by the Forestry Department of Anhui Province, a total of 64 species of wintering waterbirds, primarily geese and ducks, were recorded in the province in 2024, with a population exceeding 650,000.

Green and Low-Carbon Immersed Life

Approaching 10 o'clock, the signs of new energy vehicle dealerships such as Ideal, NIO, Jike, and Tesla gradually lit up on the south side of Swan Lake. Li Jia, a salesperson at Jike Hefei Wanda Plaza store, was busy charging new cars. "Thanks to the tax exemption policy for car purchases, the customer flow and order volume have significantly increased this year, with more and more middle-aged people becoming new energy vehicle buyers."

By the end of 2023, the national stock of new energy vehicles exceeded 20 million. According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to February this year, China's production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 1.252 million and 1.207 million units, respectively, representing year-on-year growth rates of 28.2% and 29.4%.

Technology Activates Green Momentum

"As one of the first pilot parks for carbon peak trials in China, our 'Zero Waste Factory' is striving for pollution control and carbon reduction in design, production, and transportation," said the representative of Hefei Midea Washing Machine Co., Ltd. Over the past five years, the company has invested an average of over 70 million yuan annually in smart and green transformation, promoting the transition of traditional products to high-efficiency and energy-saving ones.

By the end of 2023, China had established over 5,095 green factories at the national level, accounting for over 17% of the total output value of the manufacturing industry.

33-year-old Dr. Ali from Sudan found a new life goal in China's "Green Wave" - pursuing a major in photovoltaic agriculture at the University of Science and Technology of China and seeking green agricultural development solutions for drought-prone Africa.

Recently, he came to the northern farmlands of Anhui Province to conduct experiments, saying, "I believe that soon I will bring 'greenness' back to my hometown."

Source: anhuinews.com


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