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Anhui develops new soil health testing robot

Pub Date:23-10-11 15:31 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Soil testing provides precise data on soil nutrients, pH levels, heavy metal pollution, and other factors, which is of great significance for modern agricultural production.

To address issues such as long laboratory testing cycles, intensive human involvement, high labor costs, and susceptibility to human errors during soil testing, this year, Hefei CAS Intelligent Agricultural Valley Co., Ltd. has developed the seventh-generation high-throughput intelligent soil composition testing robot. This robot provides comprehensive technical support for large-scale soil testing, including accurate fertilizer application based on soil testing, agricultural environmental pollution detection, and the third national soil survey.

"Our research and development team has spent 12 years on independent research and development, completing iterations and updates of five generations of products, including a rapid soil sampling platform, automated nutrient index platform, and automated heavy metal index platform. It can automate the process of 35 soil indicators, ensuring the efficient, accurate, and information-based operation of soil testing laboratories," said the team leader.

In the unmanned soil testing laboratory, mechanical arms move back and forth on tracks, performing tasks such as sample preparation, liquid addition, and measurement. "Through parallel operations of soil testing indicators, simultaneous processing of a large number of soil samples, and optimization scheduling of automated robot actions, we achieve high throughput and short testing cycles in a single day," said the team leader. During the research and development process, a number of original and innovative technological achievements have emerged, with 50 intellectual property rights granted, including 30 inventions, 15 utility models, and 5 software copyrights. Currently, 41 invention patents and 2 international patents are being applied for, forming an independent intellectual property system.

Source: Anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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