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Anhui and Guangdong carry out cultural exchanges

Pub Date:24-04-11 17:01 Source:english.anhuinews.com

From April 8th to 9th, Anhui and Guangdong jointly held the "The Charm of Lingnan and Jianghuai - Excellent Drama Exhibition of Guangdong and Anhui" event. Anhui Zaifen Huangmei Culture and Art Co., Ltd. brought the newly created Huangmei Opera "The Immortal Yang" and the classic play "Female Consort Prince" to Guangzhou opera fans, which received widespread praise. During their stay in Guangzhou, cultural workers from both Anhui and Guangdong also engaged in in-depth research, discussions, and exchanges on the cooperative development of Cantonese opera and Huangmei Opera, the creation of film and television works, and signed cooperation agreements. 

Both works craft images of resilient, unyielding, and kind Chinese women, reflecting Anhui's recent achievements in creatively transforming and innovatively developing its outstanding traditional culture.

"It's so satisfying! As a new generation of opera fans from Guangdong, we have been looking forward to 'Female Consort Prince' for a long time and also hope that Huangmei Opera can come to the Greater Bay Area more often, encouraging more people to step into the theater and experience the beauty of traditional culture up close," said Chen Gengci, a Guangdong opera enthusiast.

"It was fantastic!" exclaimed Xie Tian, an audience member who traveled all the way from Hong Kong to Guangzhou to watch the Huangmei Opera performance. "I'm a fan of Cantonese opera, and this was my first time watching Huangmei Opera. I'm thrilled to have had the chance to see such a classic work. Different regional operas each have their unique charm, and I hope there will be more cultural exchange events like this, allowing us to witness the splendid works of various local opera genres."

"Art is universal, and the exchange and mutual learning between different styles of opera can also enable Huangmei Opera to continually step out of its regional boundaries, which is a very meaningful endeavor," Han Zaifen believes. Each opera has its unique artistic value and aesthetic orientation. The Guangdong-Anhui Excellent Drama Exhibition event involves both exchange and integration. The cross-genre communication and learning among different types of opera are very significant for the development of opera. "Only through continuous innovation and development, resonating with the times, can traditional arts truly achieve heritage and advancement. I hope to engage in more cultural exchanges and collaborations with the Cantonese opera community and Guangdong, jointly promoting the development of traditional culture."

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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