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The first inter-provincial intercity railway in Anhui starts operating

Pub Date:2023-06-29 15:53 Source:cnanhui.org

"After the opening of the intercity railway, it has brought real convenience. The ticket prices are also very favorable, greatly reducing the commuting cost to Nanjing." Hu Changwen, a resident of Chuzhou who works in Nanjing, arrived at Chuzhou High-speed Railway Station early in the morning and witnessed this historic moment.

After 10 years of planning and 5 years of construction, the dream of the "intercity railway" has finally come true. On the morning of June 28th at 8:18 am, Anhui's first inter-provincial intercity railway, the Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway (Chuzhou section), Phase 1 and Phase 2, officially opened.

As a landmark project for the interconnection of transportation infrastructure in the Yangtze River Delta region and the "Number One Project" for Chuzhou's open development, the Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway carries the expectations of millions of people in both places. It crosses the Chuhe River, heads towards the Yangtze River, and connects to the sea, firmly promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.

The Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway has a total length of approximately 55.35km, with 17 stations, including 3 underground stations and 14 elevated stations. The average distance between stations is 3.43km. It uses city D-type trains, AC 27.5KV traction power supply, and is designed for a speed of 120km/h (reserved for 140km/h). It has a control center and a vehicle depot, two traction substations, and a reserved parking lot, all located within Chuzhou.

The Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway is an important infrastructure project for building the commuting transportation network of the Nanjing metropolitan area and promoting overall integration and the development of the rail transit metropolitan area. The construction of the project is of great significance for promoting the integrated development of Chuzhou and Nanjing and their deep integration into the Yangtze River Delta.

"At present, the adjustment section of Phase 1 of the Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway (Chuzhou section) and the Nanjing section of the Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway have not been completed. It is expected to be completed and opened by 2027." Feng Huasong, Assistant General Manager of Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway Development and Construction Co., Ltd., introduced that after the entire line is opened, it will only take about 35 minutes from Chuzhou High-speed Railway Station to Nanjing North Station.

Source: China National Radio

Translated by Zheng Chen


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