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Grand Union of Innovation joins hands with Beijing Zhongguancun in Hefei

Pub Date:2024-04-09 16:49 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On April 8th, it was reported that the Grand Union of Innovation tech hub, also known as the Silicon Valley of University of Science and Technology of China, recently joined hands with Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park, jointly unveiling the establishment of the Xinchuang Space Innovation Center (Hefei). Leveraging the "One Platform, Three Nodes" service resources of the Zhongguancun Integrated Circuit Park (IC Park), the center aims to develop Hefei's strategic emerging industries.

At the end of March, the "Leading the Future, Building the Dream in Xinchuang Space" roadshow event for Zhongguancun enterprises in Hefei and the unveiling ceremony of the Xinchuang Space Innovation Center (Hefei) took place at Grand Union of Innovation's Shushan Park. Excellent companies from fields such as integrated circuits, smart transportation, and the Internet of Things in Beijing Zhongguancun visited Hefei to explore opportunities for cooperation in projects, talent, technology, and more.

Linking nationwide scientific and technological resources, companies from outside Hefei also sought collaboration opportunities in this event. For example, Aimey Instrument Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on high-precision high-speed detection and measurement of nano/ sub-nano-scale three-dimensional structures, aims to break the current reliance on imported high-end atomic force microscopy measurement and foreign advanced process equipment in China. The company's representative stated that they plan to raise 60 million yuan in funds to support product commercialization, new equipment development, supply chain operations, team expansion, and production site construction, with the goal of expanding their business footprint to Hefei.

In the future, the Grand Union of Innovation will strengthen scientific and technological exchanges and collaboration with Beijing Zhongguancun, injecting new vitality into Hefei's technological innovation endeavors.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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