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The "village gala" in the Dabie Mountains

The 'village gala' in the Dabie Mountains

Pub Date:24-02-04 16:47 Source:english.anhuinews.com

"The evening gala was directed and scripted by ourselves, and the performers were also our villagers. Such a 'village gala' is enjoyable and full of New Year's flavor!" On January 30th, the 2024 Spring Season "Village Gala" in Dawan village, Huashi Township, Jinzhai County was staged lively. Songs, dances, and traditional operas performed in turn brought warmth and a strong flavor of the New Year to the remote rural areas.

For six consecutive years, the villagers of Dawan Village have scripted, directed, and performed their own village galas. These events have become deeply loved by both local villagers and tourists from other places due to their down-to-earth nature and strong familial affection, forming a distinctive local rural cultural activity. In 2024, the Dawan Spring Season "Village Gala" saw participation from over 60 people, with ages ranging from 5 to 70 years old, including some families spanning three generations taking the stage together. Chen Zeshen, a villager over 70 who has been lifted out of poverty, also took part in this year's "village gala." 

On that day, performances such as "Happy Dawan Village" and "Sentiments of Dawan" showcased the positive spirit and beautiful, happy life of the Dawan villagers; the original program "Agricultural Show" presented traditional farming tools in a dramatic fashion through a trendy catwalk style; the children's dance "Lanterns Bright, Celebrating the Chinese New Year" used lively music and dance to depict the vibrant and hopeful Dawan Village... The Dawan Village "Village Gala," centered around the theme "A Joyous Land Welcomes the Chinese New Year with Bountiful Harvests," featured songs, dances and traditional operas, portraying a new vision of rural revitalization where the people of Dawan Village live and work in peace and contentment, enjoying happiness, health, and thriving industries.



As a national-level "Village Gala" demonstration base for the 2024 Spring Festival, the Dawan "Village Gala" was presented both online and offline, attracting nearly 200,000 people to "gather around" online and experience the rich New Year atmosphere of Dawan Village.

These "Village Galas" bring a cultural feast to the countryside, and waves of songs and dances express the joy and happiness of the farmers, showcasing the new look of the countryside in the new era. The Dawan Village "Village Gala" is a microcosm of Jinzhai County's farmer "Village Galas." According to statistics, up to now, Jinzhai County has held 130 "Village Galas" across 218 administrative villages, further meeting the cultural needs of rural residents and effectively revitalizing the cultural life of the countryside.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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