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What can planting a tree bring? 2023 Anhui forestry achievements in numbers

Pub Date:24-04-02 16:48 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Let's take a look at Anhui Province's forestry achievements over the past year and see what planting a tree can bring.

I. Advancement in Land Greening

In 2023, the province achieved afforestation of 281,500 mu (about 18,767 hectares) through artificial afforestation, closed hillsides to facilitate afforestation covering 1.79 million mu, and restored 730,000 mu of degraded forests. Steady progress was made in foreign-funded forestry projects, with afforestation of 203,600 mu completed. Active participation in national and provincial forest carbon sink pilot projects, with the promotion of 40 key tree species for carbon sink afforestation and over-fulfillment of annual afforestation and greening tasks.

II. Comprehensive Strengthening of Ecological Protection

Efforts were made to enhance the protection of forest and grass germplasm resources, with the establishment of 15 provincial forest and grass germplasm resource banks. Biodiversity conservation was continuously promoted, and a list of key protected wild animals in Anhui Province was released. The population of Yangtze River finless porpoises in the Anhui section of the Yangtze River has significantly increased. 200 Yangtze alligators were released into the wild, and the wild population of Yangtze alligators continues to grow.

III. More Solid Ecological Security Barrier

The province implemented a pilot project for grid-based forest fire prevention, and the number of forest fires and the area of affected forests remained stable at historically low levels. The area covered by policy-based forest insurance remained stable at over 52 million mu.

IV. Positive Development Trend in Forestry Industry

The province has developed over 12.6 million mu of forest land for the utilization of "under-forest economy." Throughout the year, 346 'Investment Promotion and Talent Attraction' forestry projects were signed, with a total investment of 81.6 billion yuan.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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