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Langxi, Anhui: When blueberries meet '5G', 'smart' sparks ignited

Pub Date:2024-03-28 10:34 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Recently, reporters visited the "5G Blueberry" plantation in Shiwu Village, Langxi County, Anhui. Rows of blueberry greenhouses stood in perfect order, with clusters of blueberries hanging from the branches. Workers skillfully picked and packed the ripe berries.

These blueberries were not grown in the ground but in pots. The entire greenhouse is equipped with intelligent drip irrigation, spraying systems, and temperature and humidity control systems. Through precise regulation, each blueberry receives ample water and nutrients.

"This is the result of introducing 5G Internet of Things technology to the plantation," said Mei Yihe, the person in charge of the plantation. Since 2016, they have been engaged in blueberry cultivation and have been seeking new methods to break the limitations of traditional farming practices. Now, with the help of 5G IoT technology, not only has blueberry cultivation achieved full-scale intelligence and precision management from sowing to harvesting, but it has also significantly increased the yield and quality of the blueberries.

In January of this year, Mei Yihe's daughter, Mei Wei, gave up her high-paying job in Shanghai and returned to her hometown to grow blueberries.

"As a newcomer in the industry, all I need is a mobile phone to take care of over 40,000 pots of blueberries in the greenhouse. The computer automatically collects data on the culture medium, achieving water and fertilizer conservation and cost-effectiveness," Mei Wei told reporters.

"Currently, we have over 50 greenhouses and 47,000 pots of blueberries, mainly consisting of four premium varieties," Mei Yihe said. "After careful cultivation for ten months, the 5G blueberries hit the market at least a month earlier than regular blueberries. Now, large-sized blueberries sell for 200 yuan per catty, while ordinary ones sell for 150 yuan per catty, gaining popularity among consumers in the Yangtze River Delta region."

Smart management has not only brought economic benefits but also provided employment opportunities for local villagers. It is reported that the plantation construction, harvesting, and sales operations have created nearly a thousand job opportunities for the local community.

"We plan to expand the scale of blueberry cultivation and continue relying on 5G IoT technology to contribute more to rural revitalization," Mei Yihe expressed full confidence when discussing the future.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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