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Anqing: promoting tourism with culture and revitalizing culture with tourism

Pub Date:23-12-08 10:45 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Anqing is a city with a history of over 3,000 years. It was once the capital of Anhui Province and has its own unique cultural heritage. In recent years, Anqing has deepened the integration of culture and tourism by shaping tourism with culture and promoting culture through tourism, creating a unique cultural tourism brand for Anqing. On December 6th, our reporters came to Anqing City, where they uncovered the "new code" for the development of cultural tourism industry.


In the ancient city of Anqing · Daopashi Historical and Cultural District, there are weathered old archways, century-old signs of famous brands, and a lively atmosphere of bustling streets. As night falls, strolling on the bluestone pavement of Daopashi Street under the reflection of various lanterns, it feels like traveling back a hundred years ago, where the prosperous scene of the past "The Most Prosperous Street in Anhui Province" can be glimpsed once again. This place has a history of 452 years and is an important part of Anqing's urban cultural heritage. 



The Daopashi Historical and Cultural District covers an area of approximately 22,400 square meters, with a total of 65 ancient wooden buildings. It preserves a large number of precious Ming and Qing Dynasty style buildings and time-honored brands, making it a rare historical architectural exposition park in China. Currently, the scenic area has designed and opened 6 major themed cultural exhibition halls, and created a series of internet celebrity check-in spots such as Anqing dialect wall, Anqing place name wall, and star lamps. At the same time, it continues the traditional time-honored business, updates industry formats, actively introduces special catering, entertainment and leisure, brand clothing, and other formats, comprehensively upgrading the multi-dimensional experience of culture, tourism and shopping in the district. The annual passenger flow in the district reaches 6.2 million, with a total turnover of over 150 million yuan.


Reported by Wang Zikang

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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