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Anqing, Anhui: Clouds, mist, and azaleas - as picturesque as a painting

Pub Date:23-04-06 15:14 Source:cnanhui.org

Thousands of acres of wild azaleas in full bloom

On April 5th, thousands of acres of wild azaleas in the Tianxia Scenic Area in Hetu Town, Yuexi County, Anqing City, Anhui Province, were in full bloom, which was a spectacular sight.

On the day, the sun came out after the rain in Hetu Town, and the mist was lingering between the mountains in the grand canyon of Tianxia Scenic Area. The colorful azaleas were swaying elegantly in the wind, with delicate and intricately layered petals closely attached to each other, exuding charming beauty. The stunning cloud, mist, and azaleas attracted tourists from all directions. People strolled among the flowers, enjoying the "flower feast" of the spring.

Reported by Zuo Xuechang, Liu Yucai

Translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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