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Anhui accelerates the construction of competitive NEV industry cluster

Pub Date:2023-06-26 16:35 Source:cnanhui.org

Around the time of summer solstice, gentle evening breeze blows along the riverside of Wuhu. At the Zhujiaqiao International Container Terminal in Wuhu Port, thousands of Chery automobiles are neatly parked, waiting to be shipped to various parts of the world. A few kilometers away, in the assembly workshop of the new energy phase two factory of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., there is a bustling scene with robotic arms grabbing windows and automatically assembling them onto the bodies of new energy vehicles (NEVs).

The development of Chery Automobile reflects the current state of the automotive industry in Anhui Province. It focuses on the integrated development of complete vehicles, automotive parts, and the aftermarket. It has comprehensively initiated the construction of charging and battery-swapping infrastructure at the city, county, and township levels. It nurtures the integration and symbiosis of the "complete vehicle + supporting parts" industry ecosystem. On June 21st, Anhui Province held a conference to promote the construction of the NEV industry cluster, taking the NEV industry as an important part of building a modern industrial system supported by the real economy. The conference focused on seven ecological aspects: innovation, intelligent manufacturing, services, talents, culture, capital, and openness, aiming to make Anhui a globally renowned and influential "province with a thriving intelligent vehicle industry".

Anhui Province, which is home to seven automobile manufacturers, is one of the provinces that started the NEV industry early. Currently, it has formed a complete industry chain of vehicles, batteries, motors, and electronic controls, as well as a development pattern of key components, complete vehicles, industry chains, and industrial clusters. It has implemented an integrated layout of complete vehicles, auto parts, and the aftermarket.

Located at No. 6366 Susong Road, Hefei Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province, is the third MEB factory of Volkswagen Group in China, known as Volkswagen Anhui MEB Factory. Soon, Volkswagen Anhui will start mass production of its first NEV model here.

Nearly 40 suppliers have joined Volkswagen in coming to Anhui. "While continuously improving our own production capacity, we are also striving to attract key core component suppliers to settle in Anhui," said Shao Jian, Chief Human Resources Officer of Volkswagen (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Currently, Volkswagen Anhui has established cooperative relationships with over 1,500 suppliers, and nearly 300 production suppliers and more than 800 purchasing suppliers have already been in place.

Thanks to the rapid development of the automotive industry, Anhui has formed a new pattern of coordinated development between complete vehicles and auto parts, with continuously improving local supporting capabilities. From January to May this year, BYD's key component sector, which is located in Wuwei, Chuzhou, Bengbu, and Fuyang, achieved an output value of 12 billion yuan. The city of Wuhu, where Chery Automobile is located, has already gathered more than 1,400 upstream and downstream enterprises in the new energy and intelligent connected vehicle industries.

The continuously developing automotive industry is leading the high-quality development of county-level economies. A number of automotive parts industry clusters are thriving, and the agglomeration effect of auto parts is gradually emerging.

Entering the exhibition hall of the Anhui China-Germany (Ningguo) International Cooperation Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in Ningguo City, Xuancheng, Anhui Province, one can see a dazzling array of automotive parts.

"We have successfully developed high-performance new energy motor seals, new energy battery module sealing systems, and electronic bridge assemblies, which are supporting products for NEV manufacturers such as Volvo, NIO, and SAIC," said Tong Hui, Manager of the General Affairs Department of Anhui Zhongding Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. He emphasized that new energy is an irreversible development direction.

According to statistics, as of now, Ningguo City has gathered 450 companies in various segments of the automotive parts industry, with 93 of them being large-scale automotive parts enterprises, achieving an output value of 24 billion yuan. Among them, the annual production of rubber parts accounts for approximately 30% of the non-tire automotive rubber parts market share in the country.

With the acceleration of the electrification, internet connectivity, and intelligence of automobiles, the aftermarket for NEV has become a new "blue ocean." According to the conference's deployment, Anhui is targeting the automotive aftermarket and cultivating new areas of industrial growth.

In terms of charging and swapping infrastructure construction, this year will see the comprehensive launch of charging and battery-swapping infrastructure construction at the city, county, and township levels. By 2024, 75% coverage will be achieved, and by 2025, full coverage will be essentially completed. In terms of financial services, efforts will be made to accelerate the development of NEV financing and leasing services and encourage the exploration of new business models such as time-sharing leasing and vehicle-battery separation. Regarding the trading of used cars and battery recycling, support will be provided to relevant enterprises to expand battery cascading utilization services and accelerate the construction of a comprehensive lifecycle circular expansion system for power batteries.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" for the high-quality development of the automotive industry in Anhui Province mentions that by 2025, breakthrough progress will be made in the cultivation of world-class automotive industry clusters, with the aim of achieving an automotive industry output value of over 1 trillion yuan in the province. The scale of automobile production by local enterprises in the province will exceed 3 million vehicles.

Officials from the Development and Reform Commission of Anhui Province stated that the NEV industry is currently undergoing a major transformation, and the industry's development is entering the "fast lane." Anhui will strengthen innovation leadership, enhance the overall strength and competitiveness of the NEV industry, and accelerate the construction of a competitive NEV industry cluster.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Reported by Wu Huijun, Wang Haiyue

Translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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