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Two Bookstores in Anhui Selected as the Nation's "Most Beautiful Bookstores"

Two Bookstores in Anhui Selected as the Nation's 'Most Beautiful Bookstores'

Pub Date:24-04-25 17:00 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On April 24th, at the third National Conference on Reading held in Kunming, Yunnan, Huainan Xinhua Bookstore People's Park Store and the MIX-PLACE Bookstore were selected as the "Most Beautiful Bookstores of the Year" at the Conference.

Huainan Xinhua Bookstore People's Park Store opened last September, striving to create a "city living room + new living space" that is loved by citizens, leads the industry, and is recognized locally. In terms of design, the overall style of the People's Park Store uses the "Huai River" as the spatial carrier and conceptual tone, extracting the form of the "Huai River." In terms of product selection, the bookstore actively insists on highlighting the characteristics of "Huainan." In terms of activities, the bookstore themed "Reading in Beautiful Anhui" has created a series of cultural reading clubs.

The MIX-PLACE Bookstore is located on Changjiang Middle Road in Hefei. The bookstore has created a new reading and cultural space that combines tradition with modernity and blends culture with art, by integrating key features of Huizhou-style architecture such as "Huizhou gray" and "black tile walls" into the modern space. Last year, it hosted over 80 cultural events, including reading sharing sessions, literary lectures, and art exhibitions.

In recent years, the Anhui Provincial Press and Publication Bureau has actively promoted the transformation and high-quality development of physical bookstores, cultivating and recognizing a number of "Outstanding Physical Bookstores" and "Bookstores in beautiful Anhui." Among them, Hefei Xinhua Bookstore Sanxiaokou Store, Huizhou Bookstore, and Anqing Xinhua Bookstore Qianyan Houji Quanyechang Store were selected as the "Most Beautiful Bookstores of the Year" at the first and second National Conferences on Reading respectively.

The third National Conference on Reading, themed "building a book-loving society and sharing modern civilization," will feature activities such as reading promotion campaigns, themed releases, the National Reading Lecture Hall, and the Spring City Book Fragrance Corridor. 

Source: Anhui Daily 

Editor:Qin Shuying

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