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Anhui mandates 30% minimum charging facilities for parking spaces in new residential areas

Pub Date:2023-06-20 16:15 Source:cnanhui.org

Anhui takes further measures to support the new energy vehicle industry. On June 19, the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Anhui Provincial Energy Bureau issued a statement requiring the improvement of the province's charging and battery-swapping infrastructure for electric vehicles. The statement explicitly states that the proportion of parking spaces equipped with charging infrastructure in newly built residential communities in urban areas should not be less than 30%, and that newly built residential communities and public parking lots should have installation conditions reserved for 100% of the parking spaces.

Anhui will conduct a comprehensive survey and expedite the formulation of construction plans. The statement requires cities to meet the requirements of achieving "county-wide coverage" of charging stations and "town-wide coverage" of charging piles in areas suitable for the use of NEVs. This includes conducting in-depth surveys of the existing charging and battery-swapping infrastructure, establishing a basic information database categorized by regions, scenarios, and users, and providing decision-making support for accelerating the construction of charging and battery-swapping infrastructure. Based on the survey results, cities should scientifically predict the scale of NEV development and charging and swapping demand, and determine key indicators such as the layout scale, construction timeline, land requirements, and charging capacity of various charging and swapping facilities from 2023 to 2027. The plans will be developed or revised at the county level as the basic unit.

Efforts will be intensified to incorporate charging infrastructure into public areas. Anhui specifies that the proportion of newly constructed parking spaces equipped with charging infrastructure in residential communities in urban areas should not be less than 30% and should be included in the planning and acceptance criteria for real estate projects. Public parking lots should have a proportion of charging infrastructure not less than 35%. Necessary charging and swapping facilities must be included in the construction of newly built highway service areas, and their operation will be evaluated as part of the service area assessment. Government agencies and enterprises should accelerate the construction of charging infrastructure in their internal parking lots or reserve installation conditions to meet the charging needs.

Concerning the challenges of charging in old residential communities for NEVs, the statement pays special attention to improving the charging conditions in residential areas. It requires cities to implement the requirements for the construction of charging infrastructure in newly built residential communities, where 100% of the parking spaces in residential areas and public parking lots should have installation conditions reserved (including power load equipments and pipeline embedment to the parking space). Property service companies should cooperate with NEV users who own property or long-term leased parking spaces to install charging facilities. If installation is not possible due to safety, fire, or power capacity reasons, the property service company should provide relevant explanatory documents issued by the competent authorities and provide explanations. For residential communities with a small number of existing charging facilities and difficulties in increasing power capacity but with charging demand, public charging and swapping facilities should be scientifically planned within a reasonable range. Third-party charging operators should be allowed to "jointly construct and operate" charging facilities in public parking spaces within residential communities.

The Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Energy Bureau require cities to innovate and guide the promotion of shared charging models such as "shared parking spaces," "time-based parking spaces sharing," and "multiple vehicles sharing one charging pile" in communities. At the same time, make efforts to achieve full coverage of public charging infrastructure in towns and villages. Priority will be given to the construction of charging infrastructure in public areas such as town government locations, markets, health clinics, village committees (party and community service centers), as well as relocation and resettlement areas, key rural tourism villages, and locations along highways with the necessary conditions for charging pile construction.

The statement emphasizes the establishment of a construction model guided by the government, driven by the market, and coordinated by society. It supports the participation of various market entities in the construction of charging and battery-swapping infrastructure, further enhancing the intelligence and convenience of the province's "interconnected charging and swapping network." Accelerating the construction of charging and swapping infrastructure is seen as a strong support for the province's efforts to develop a NEV industry with international competitiveness, ensuring that the infrastructure can be built, managed, and capable of continuous operation.

Source: Anhui Business Daily

Reported by Liu Yuanyuan

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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