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Qianshan, Anhui: Lingzhi mushroom helps villagers prosper

Pub Date:23-08-23 15:31 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Lingzhi mushrooms in the mature spore spraying stage

In recent years, Shuihou Town in Qianshan City, Anhui Province has implemented tailored strategies and diversified cultivation, focusing on ecological civilization construction. The growth of the Lingzhi cultivation industry has enabled small Lingzhi mushrooms to become a source of prosperity for the villagers.

In the Lingzhi cultivation base in Shuihou Town, there are over ten households who have increased their income and achieved good economic benefits through Lingzhi cultivation. "The main sources of income from Lingzhi cultivation are Lingzhi powder and Lingzhi mushrooms. Based on the price in 2022, one catty of Lingzhi powder is priced at around 53 yuan, and the minimum price for one catty of Lingzhi mushrooms is 22 yuan. The overall benefits of Lingzhi industry in Sanli Village in 2022 were considerable, earning over 10,000 yuan per mu," said Wang Yiqin, a villager of Sanli Village, happily.

Wang Yiqin and farmer Yang Qianjin inspect the growth of Lingzhi mushrooms inside the greenhouse

With the growth of the industry, the cultivation area of Lingzhi has reached 65 mu. The local authority is planning how to further increase the added value of Lingzhi products, continuously extend the development chain of the Lingzhi industry, broaden the path for people to increase income and achieve prosperity, and enable local residents to truly rely on the industry for employment and income growth at their doorstep. (Reported by Zhou Xiaoqin and Liu Yucai)

Lingzhi cultivation greenhouses

A rainbow after the rain, picturesque rural scenery

Source: Anhui News

Editor:Zheng Chen

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