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Over a thousand Anhui tasty specialties gather at 2024 Shanghai Agricultural Trade Fair

Pub Date:24-01-11 11:07 Source:english.anhuinews.com

From January 10th to 13th, the 23rd China Anhui Famous·High Quality Agricultural Products & Agricultural Industrialization Trade Fair (2024·Shanghai) will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center and will be open to the public from the 11th. On the afternoon of the 10th, reporters visited the exhibition in advance and brought a shopping guide for the citizens.

Upon entering the Bozhou exhibition area, the reporter heard Wu Xiangnan, the person in charge of Anhui Huiyang Food Co., Ltd., shouting. He scooped up pieces of beef from the pot next to the exhibition area, emitting hot steam and enticing aroma, warmly inviting visitors to taste.

"This is my first time coming to Shanghai to participate in the agricultural trade fair, and I am a bit excited. I drove for eight to nine hours to get here," said Wu Xiangnan. This time, he brought more than ten products, including leisure snacks, gift boxes, and simple packaging series of beef tripe, beef tendon, and beef. "We came from Bozhou to Shanghai to promote our 'straw-to-meat' industry and promote Anhui's beef."

In the Bengbu exhibition area, Geng Fang from Longjie Ecological Park was sitting in the exhibition area peeling pomegranates. She has been growing pomegranates for more than 20 years, and this year is her first time participating in an exhibition outside the province. For this reason, she brought various products such as fresh pomegranates, pomegranate wine, pomegranate seedlings, and bonsai, and was well prepared.

"In the past, my son and daughter-in-law were responsible for running the exhibition and managing the online store." Geng Fang said that during this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, she noticed that there were many orders from Shanghai for her family's online store, which made her realize that Huaiyuan pomegranates were becoming well-known among Shanghai residents. "When I heard about the Shanghai agricultural trade fair, I quickly signed up to participate and brought my husband to see if there is an opportunity to promote our hometown's pomegranates." Geng Fang said.

Ge Yunpeng from Suzhou Liu Lao'er Roast Chicken Company recalled that since 2008, he has had many loyal customers who come back every year to the Shanghai agricultural trade fair. This has made him not dare to slack off, and he brings a car full of goods to Shanghai every year.

"This time, we brought grass-fed chicken and roast chicken, with shelf lives ranging from one week to one month." Ge Yunpeng introduced that after making the Fuliji roast chicken into pre-prepared dishes, they can be distributed nationwide, and there are many orders in the Yangtze River Delta, especially in Shanghai, where they are very popular.

In addition to some high-quality green specialty products on-site, there are also many processed products that attract many visitors to stop. Don't know what to buy for New Year's goods? You might want to visit the Shanghai agricultural trade fair.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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