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Yi'an District, Tongling: making the lives of rural residents more vibrant and colorful

Pub Date:24-02-29 17:02 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On February 25th, when the reporter arrived at Quanlan Village in Zhongming Town, Yi'an District of Tongling City, Anhui Province, the sun was shining warmly over this small mountain village. Next to the village office, a pool of clear water reflected the green mountains and white clouds, with the fresh air being invigorating. Departing from the village office and following the cement-hardened road for a couple of minutes, one could soon see the Quanlan River.

"In the process of rural construction, we highlight the coordination between planning and construction. The 99 provincial central villages that have been built have different scenery and unique attractions everywhere." Fang Xiaoshan, director of Yi'an District Beautiful Countryside Construction Management Service Center, told reporters.

On February 24th, coinciding with the Lantern Festival, the Liqiao Water Town scenic area located in Xilian Town, Yi'an District of Tongling City was bustling with excitement. Strolling through lantern exhibitions, guessing riddles on lanterns, releasing river lanterns to pray for blessings, and watching the intangible cultural heritage folk performance "striking iron flowers"... That evening, the traditional culture of Liqiao Water Town blended with modern creativity. The brilliant lights and the splendid fireworks lit up the night sky, as well as the "night economy."

"During the Spring Festival holiday, our lantern exhibitions, light shows, and 'striking iron flowers' performances continued, making the scenic area very popular," Liu Dongcheng, a person in charge of the Liqiao Water Town scenic area, told reporters. Since the Spring Festival, the area has cumulatively received about 300,000 visitors.

With the countryside beautified and industries established, Yi'an District has also focused on enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the rural areas. In recent years, centering on themes such as industrial development and cultural heritage, the district has provided the public with a richer and more appealing "cultural feast" through organizing and creating radio dramas like "Dream Seeking in Jiangnan," promoting traditional songs like "Tongling Bull Song," and hosting traditional cultural festival, making the lives of rural residents more vibrant and colorful.

Source: Anhui Daily 

Editor:Qin Shuying

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