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Splendid Chinese New Year through the lenses of Anhui photographers

Pub Date:24-03-01 11:19 Source:english.anhuinews.com

"Striking Iron Flowers" by Hou Zheng in Feidong county, Anhui Province

During the first month of the lunar calendar in Anhui, the sound of gongs and drums fills the air, firecrackers resound, and dazzling fireworks light up the sky. The lively intangible cultural heritage customs are splendidly performed in various places: Quanjiao County's 'Walking on Taiping Bridge for Peace on the 16th day of the first lunar month'; Wangmantian Village's 'Fish Lantern Show at night'...

Recently, the 'Vision of Beautiful Anhui - Photography Monthly Contest (Special Topic on the Atmosphere of Chinese New Year)' organized by the Anhui Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Anhui New Media Group, Anhui Photographers Association, Anhui Provincial Network Literature and Art Communication Center, Anhuinews.com and China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Cultural Media Center, has received numerous wonderful works from photographers. With the theme of 'Beautiful Anhui · Joyful Atmosphere of Chinese New Year,' photographers capture the rich and colorful folk customs of the culturally rich province, from striking iron flowers to fish lantern show, from loong and lion dances to Huizhou opera parades.

Currently, the submissions for the monthly contest with the Chinese New Year theme are in full swing. We look forward to more photographers and photography enthusiasts taking action and using their lenses to record and showcase the Chinese New Year atmosphere of beautiful Anhui (https://ah.vcgvip.com). The editor has selected some participating works under the theme 'Beautiful Anhui · Joyful Atmosphere of Chinese New Year' to let you experience the splendid Chinese New Year through the lenses of Anhui's photographers! The selected works are for exhibition and promotion purposes only, and do not represent the inclusion or award-winning status of the works. The final judgment of the competition will be made by the provincial expert committee.

"Folk Customs in Spring" by Wang Linhong in Yingshang county, Anhui Province

"Tingcheng Lantern Festival Restarts" by Zhao Chen in Chuzhou, Anhui Province

"Lantern Light Show of the Giant Loong during the Lantern Festival" by Wang Pai in Hefei, Anhui

"Fish Lanterns Show at Night" by Wang Wenlong in Shexian County, Anhui Province

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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